Monday, October 7, 2013

Meet The Sisterhood: Karen

The Sisterhood is made up of so many beautiful women, many of whom have been with us since the very beginning. I wanted to introduce them to you as they mostly stay under the radar and behind the scenes but they are so very important to me!

I've asked them all a few questions, and they replied! I hope you enjoy getting to know a few more Sisters! (I'll be posting these interviews each week. Make sure you leave a comment and some love for them!)

Introducing Karen!

Karen, you're strikingly beautiful!! What a lovely photo of you! Karen has been keeping The Sisterhood in soap supply since... ages ago. I can't remember a time when we didn't have Karen sending us her homemade soaps. They are deliciously smelly and she always sends a huge box full of them. EVERYONE GETS SOAPS!!! Thank you Karen for using what you have to bless others. It's so simple, and completely brilliant. You are the The Sisterhood. 

How did you first hear about The Sisterhood

It was via a Facebook page, I can't remember which one. I do remember thinking what a fantastic idea!

What initially made you get involved? How did you get involved?

I love making people feel happy and knowing someone cares can do that. So I donated some of my soap to The Sisterhood, to be given to people who maybe need to feel cared for.

How did that make you feel?

Great, knowing that maybe somewhere, I made someone briefly happy during hard times.

What is your favourite part of The Sisterhood?

Having been on the other side of The Sisterhood and being helped by some lovely local women when I really needed it, I love the friendship and sense of caring community that it promotes. 

What would you like to see us do in the future?
I'd like to see The Sisterhood grow and expand at a rate that can be managed without stress, so it can help people everywhere. So many need just that feeling of being cared about, and The Sisterhood gives that out in huge amounts.

If you want to make friends with Karen, you can find her here:


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