Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ninja Bake NOMINATIONs are Open!

The Second Annual Sisterhood Ninja Bake is about to happen from the 18th-20th of October 2013!

We have collected registrations from bakers all over New Zealand, along with some from Australia!

141 Bakers in total, baking for 462 people! Four-hundred-and-sixty-two people!!! 

This is the form you use to nominate some one that you know (or don't really know, but know they could use a surprise baking drop!). All you do need is their physical address! 

To find out more about the Ninja Baking Weekend watch this video:

To nominate someone use this form, and email sophieslim AT moo2.co.nz if you have any questions:
(you can nominate more than one person, so go for your life!)

Nominations are open from 1st-7th October.



  1. Dear Sophie,
    How can I help at the sister hood?
    I don't know to do many things as you, but I'm a really good cook!


  2. Sad to see there are no bakers in Palmerston North as I may have had someone to nominate there :-( But it's awesome how many bakers who have registered and how many ninja drop offs are going to take place over the weekend!

  3. Yay - I have nominated 2 very deserving ladies and although I won't be there to bake I'll be thinking of you all on bake weekend (managed to whip up some personal ninja baking for Simone this week so I feel like I didn't miss out entirely!) xx


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