Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Showering with Babywise & A Giveaway!

Earthwise have a new product range out for Baby, its gentle, natural and lovely, and with my hair twirlin' ezcema gettin' toddler we were the perfect family to try these out!

knots knots, always knots!

So here's honestly what I thought (because I don't muck around with skin care for my sensitive daughter, and I'm sure you wont want to either)

My favourites:

Babywise Shampoo:
"Lather up and sculpt hair into silly shapes. Let your baby see the result in the mirror before rinsing well" says the back of the bottle.

We aren't shampoo users, I find its a bit difficult in the shower to do (and we only shower over here) and for a while Camilla's scalp was so dry so I steered clear.

This Babywise shampoo is super bubbly and when its on the hair, almost stiff-like. You can shape the hair in anyway you want which makes for a few giggles!

Camilla's hair has never been so squeaky clean! Bubbles got all over her face when I was washing it out (I obviously need a lot of practice) and aside from the water upsetting her, they didn't sting her eyes. Bonus.

Babywise Detangler:
"Take the ouchies out of combing baby's hair after washing. Yummy jungle fruit scent makes hugs even more delicious." it reads.

This is possibly my favourite of all the Babywise products! We need detangling help around here!! It smells fruity and Camilla can see little bubbles inside. She loves it so much more than her previous detangler.

I love sniffing her head after a good spray, sooo fruity!!! Camilla's hair is so fine so its important not to have any chemicals loading it up and weighing it down!

Earthwise Wipes:
I'm loving the wipes. They don't seem to be for actual deep cleaning, more like wiping and cleaning surfaces before or after you use them. I've kept ours next to the toilet to wipe out the potty when it's been used (and it has been lately, lots!!! Hoorah!)

I've also used them to wipe out the basin after I've cleaned Katies poo-ey singlet tops (since we don't have a laundry tub, I have to do it all in the bathroom sink). Then I know its nice and clean afterward for whatever else happens in the sink.

Babywise are marketed direct to the kiddos. My toddler LOVES the packaging and bottles and knew straight away they were for her. She cried and cried (below) when she found out she had to leave the bottles in the shower, she was heart broken. We called her new bottle friends "Gumbie" and promised we'll see Gumbie tomorrow.

Camilla just woke up from her nap while I was typing this and saw the bottles on the table. Camillas review of these products:
"Bubbles! Shower. Face. Bubbles. Bubbles. Spray. Milwa"

I did try the other products from the photo up top, but found the hair products to be our favourites. Although this range is for sensitive skin, Milla is just too touchy when it comes to products on her skin so some of the others didn't work out for us, even though we so hoped they would!

Thanks Babywise for the products! We're looking forward to buying more of your citrus wipes in our next supermarket shop!

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**16/10/13 Giveaway closed - congratulations Ange!**


If you would like to win a baby care pack and laundry powders just leave a comment letting me know some shampooing showering advice OR tell me something fun that you and your kiddos do in the bath / shower!

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Open to NZ residents. Closes Wednesday 16th October 2013.


  1. Oh I would love this pack! After reading Megan's review I put the Bubble Bath on the list and the girls like it so much! I agree about the packaging! Our advice for shampooing...Elise HATES water or soap anywhere near her eyes after getting it in them once (understandably!), so now I get them to look right up to the roof and count all sorts of imaginary things so that I can quickly wash the soap out of their hair and it doesn't get in their eyes (while distracting them!). It's great to see some more products that are chemical free. Thanks for the review! Your Milla is so gorgeous!

  2. Love Earthwise products! I'm looking forward to our current detangler running out so we can buy Earthwise's new one! In the shower/bath, we give the kids a face cloth and they hold it tightly over their eyes to stop the water/soap running in.

  3. And I'm a Sophie Slim follower!

  4. These sound awesome! We have a little watering can to make hair washing fun...J sometimes makes his hands into a little visor so the suds are a little less intense and don't bother his eyes so much :)

  5. Cool prize! We just picked up a great bath idea from my sister - Floating Food! A small ice-cream container with some little nibbles = fun!

  6. My best tip (we only have a shower too) is flannel folded in half/thirds and held over eyes tightly by child while adult shampoos and rinses and flannel stays on tight until adult has all bubbles washed away.

  7. and I follow and I would really like to win :o) we need to wash more ya know!

  8. My wee man has a little water pistol he uses in the shower. He loves to fill it up and squirt us with it! We make out that we hate him squirting us and he finds it hilarious! It definitely makes him enjoy his shower more :-) olliepop@hotmail.co.nz

  9. I follow your blog via email :-)

  10. And I follow you on Twitter too :-)

  11. My 4 month son loves family baths snd showers! He was never a fan of bathing on his own so we always did it together so he could enjoy the closeness of being with us to make it fun for him. sezza_leigh@hotmail.com

  12. Goggles can be a kids best friend in the bath or shower, means they can see under the water as well as never worrying about getting anything in their eyes..

  13. My 2yr old daughter loves showering with me I give her the soap and she draws on the shower glass, fun and easy to clean off :)

  14. I always wash my littlies hair from behind in the bath.
    They lay down in the water & we sing or play I Spy, anything to distract them from the dreaded shampoo torture.
    They have both learned the alphabet this way so hair washing can be educational too
    Huge thanks go out to the manufacturers of gentle products like Earthwise, they make bathtime fun.

  15. goggles in the bath definitely makes it all more exciting for my 3 year old! she esp loves blowing bubbles with them on :)

  16. My daughter is NOT a fan of having her hair washed - even asks 'no hair?!' when we say it is bath or shower time. Poor poppet! We try to make the bath extra special with coloured water (a few drops of food dye) and then let her use a mirror to watch the process. And if all else fails...you just do it at super speed with big cuddles at the end :/ lisabehrent@gmail.com

  17. Great giveaway!
    We only have a shower at the moment too. I so miss the bath!
    To make showering fun we still use bath toys like the sticky starfish (the ones that have suckers on the back to stick up) to put up on the glass. We also have a special cup for hair washing - a plastic one with kiwi's all over it - he gets to fill it up with water and bubbles and play with it and then we use it to rinse his hair too. He's also grown fun of squeegying the glass panels in the shower for me!

  18. My big girl is only a little bit older than Milla (who is GORGEOUS by the way), and also hates her hair being washed... and was also a serious twirler, and had knots like you wouldn't believe! Just so you know - she has just stopped twirling in the past few weeks totally on her own - her own decision, we hadn't even discussed it with her - so there is hope!!! Makes SUCH a difference to combing her hair, but I think what helped is that we put her hair up when she goes to bed (just a small ponytail at the top of her head so it doesn't effect her when sleeping), and now it doesn't get into her eyes... Like Miriam - we get her to hold a facecloth tightly over her eyes, and just rinse it really quickly with big cuddles afterwards! The baby boy - different kid, and doesn't care about water in his eyes - just keeps right on playing!

  19. Also a follower :-)!

    E-mail attached to my profile!

  20. We were swimming and one of the guys gave us the advice to blow in their face as it makes them hold their breath when you go to dunk them under water. We use the same philosophy to get our kids to close their eyes when we rinse their hair


  21. We love èarthwise products so gentle!as for showering advice, i make sure I'm organised in the bathroom, i use mayonnaise on little ones hair after washing, or if her excema is on her scalp then just on its own, just that, in the bath , if they really don't want to go i make some fingerprint with colour etc and they can sit in the warm bath and draw on the bath, it rinses off with water and they love it, sometimes he draw on the brother if he's sharing the water, ages 18 months and 3, so they both enjoy it, i can wash them without too much trouble.

  22. My kids love it when I add a couple of drops of food colouring to the bath. Always entices them to have a bath when it's blue :)


  23. These look awesome! Designed specifically for kids in mind - such a great idea. My daughters (1 and 7) love to bath together, and seem to really enjoy wearing goggles in the bath! Bath squirters are a firm favourite, as is making it 'rain' on my little one. Fun times!

  24. I follow through email subscription too! karenprice1974@gmail.com

  25. I'm a Facebook fan too! karenprice1974@gmail.com

  26. And I'm also a Twitter follower too! karenprice1974@gmail.com


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