Monday, October 21, 2013

Meet The Sisterhood: Cyndi (*LJ)

The Sisterhood is made up of so many beautiful women, many of whom have been with us since the very beginning. I wanted to introduce them to you as they mostly stay under the radar and behind the scenes but they are so very important to me!

I've asked them all a few questions, and they replied! I hope you enjoy getting to know a few more Sisters! (I'll be posting these interviews each week. Make sure you leave a comment and some love for them!)

Introducing Cyndi (also known as *LJ on our FB page)!

I first met Cyndi through blogging a few years ago. I sent her some coffee through the post and hooked her into The Sisterhood foreverrr. I knew the way to that ladies heart! Hehe!

Cyndi helps me admin the Sisterhood facebook page, and chimes in every now and again to give me advice on my hairbrained schemes. She has a beautiful boy, Monkey, who is probably the smartest kid I've ever heard of, and Cyndi has to be the strongest woman I have had the pleasure of knowing as I have watched her blog her way through divorce and hard change this last year. 

She is a blessing to The Sisterhood, and its a joy to finally introduce her as she has been know as *LJ for so long!!

How did you first hear about The Sisterhood

I received a care package from you before The Sisterhood started officially. It was a simple gift of love and I treasure the memory of it. The simplicity of the idea made it appealing.

What initially made you get involved? How did you get involved?

I got involved by sending some things down to Sisterhood HQ and then nominated two deserving mums I know and had a ball getting them some local treats. After that I got in touch with bigger companies to get larger donations... Especially some cool things from The WotWots for our Christmas parcels.

How did that make you feel?

I felt like I was able to help other women and families in the smallest way, which would make continuing to contribute easier. Knowing that they would feel special and loved and, above all, SURPRISED is a great feeling too!

What is your favourite part of The Sisterhood?
That it's accessible to so many people. It's not just "rich" people giving and "poor" people receiving. It encourages a richness of spirit that allows us to give what we have to complete strangers who are in need of something. It also allows for paying it forward which is amazing!

What would you like to see us do in the future?
I'd like to see us do more "Love Bombs" and maybe set up some local chapters once the Sisterhood becomes a charity ;)

If you want to make friends with Cyndi, you can find her here:

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