Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Bath!

Camilla has now taken her very first bath!! We figured after vomiting twice in her bed and smelling like off milk we should probably clean her :)

A babys skin is so soft it really doesn't need any products on it, but I couldn't help myself and used just the tiniest bit of lavender wash.

She turned from our little spew-head to a lavlav-head :) All ready for a nice snooze (and a celebratory "cabin fever" trip to Dennys for dessert! (which she slept through))

Happy LavLav!

Graeme did the bathing, he's so affectionate and calm! He treats her like a real princess :) It was so beautiful to watch. A really lovely moment in time. Captured for ever.

Camilla hates to get changed but seemed to love the warm water. Even though there was a little cry as we took off her clothes it quickly disappeared when we wet her head and toes. She looked quite content hanging out in the water!! We have 2 baths - one is in the change table (pictured) and another is bigger. We're using the change table one for now but she could already kick the end of it and even managed to pull the plug out the end with her foot. Water splashed all over the floor before we realised!  Tricky wee thing. 

I got a great video of her chilling out in the water with Graeme scooping water over her. So beautiful!


  1. what a gorgeous wee outfit!!!! the sentence "We figured after vomiting twice in her bed and smelling like off milk we should probably clean her" made me laugh SO hard. take care x

  2. Tehehe, Thanks Celia! I was a little nervous - some babys hate baths!! But she seemed to really enjoy being in the water! :D

  3. NAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwww too cute... she's so widdle and tiny. Hmm... remembering those spew up days...

  4. put him on regular bath duty - its great bonding since they don't have boobs and that means you get a break for 10mins!! J still baths zoe at 2 and i plan to continue this trend!

  5. Agree with Sarah - Hubby still in charge of the bath 2yrs later! its his "specialty" and I pretend to be all useless at it..

    Thinking of you on planet newborn, hope you're doing ok and managing to get a little fresh air and sun on days like today :)

    Homebirth playgroup next wednesday morning - if you're interested I'll forward you the email - lots of other fresh babies there!


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