Monday, September 26, 2011

Ripple Revelio!

Wow. What a journey!

I started this Ripple Blanket approximately 6 months ago as one of my first Crochet projects! Initially I wanted to make a baby blanket but I used cheap acrylic yarn that was much too scratchy for a bubba so instead it turned into a lap blanket for those chilly movie evenings!

Finally, after months, it is complete! You can read about the start of it here and the half way point here

Specialis Revelio!

A big thank you to Lucy of Attic24 blog who once again provided great inspiration and an easy to follow pattern and tutorial.

The whole blanket took 8x balls of 100gm acrylic yarn and was really easy to do, I just googled each of Lucys directions and all of a sudden I had my first few rows. This was the best Ripple pattern I could find. After seeing Lucy's I did a bit of hunting online for different patterns and I discovered everyones ended up with big gaping holes on each of the ups and downs but Lucys avoids this! Love it.

The edges on my blanket are a bit rough - I didn't know how to neatly join new colours for the first half of the blanket but had it figured out by the last half. I would have liked to have put a border around it to try and neaten it up but I'm not that talented to make it up, and to be honest I'm glad to see the end of it. 

All done! Now I'm on to my next project... This Ripple needs a friend. More on that later! :)

** You may be wondering how on earth a mother of a newborn is finding time to crochet. Let me tell you, there really is 'no time' but I make it. Before when I had no job and no baby time was abundant and so was procrastination. These days if I dont make time and squeeze in as much as possible into my stolen minutes during the day nothing gets done. Yes, my hands are full and yes, I am busy. Don't be fooled.**


  1. Well done, it looks great! I'm going to have to get my crochet hook out and give it a go again. Maybe I should try the pattern that you recommend...
    Well done for making the most of your time.

  2. Wow - it's lovely :-) I've not tried a ripple yet - that's next on my list of patterns to try!

  3. Thanks ladies!! Try out Attic24's pattern - its the best one out there. Look at all her other inspiring projects and tutorials while your at it (in her left hand side bar down the bottom) x

  4. Oh wow! such a big Beginner project! And it came out so well! I remember my first scarf… if you can call it a scarf haha! you did much better than me!


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