Friday, September 2, 2011

Dear Baby, 39 Week Update

Dearest Little Lady,

Its your "Due Date" in one week. Where did time go? Its so hard to think that at any time we could have a little baby. We are so prepared for your arrival, we have everything! The grocery shopping has been done, the pool has been tested, there are a few frozen meals in the freezer and all the washing has been hung on the washing line!

It is such a beautiful day today. A good day to be born I tell your Dad as we left home to do a few errands today. He laughs as I say that most days.

Dont be long little one, I love you.

Mumma xxx

[photo credit goes to my Mother who took this a few weeks ago]

If I had of written this last Saturday (39 weeks) I would have told you all about how I was up into the early hours of Friday night feeling "funny". Emotional and fidgety. We had friends over and I was up and down up and down all night, I couldn't sit still. I even cleaned the toilet while they were here.

If I wrote this last Saturday I would have told you about how I thought I might have gone into labour that night (Friday) and that I went to bed excited expecting to be woken up with contractions.

I may have even told you that I had a very very mild bleed and ended up paging my midwife for the first time ever that afternoon. She told me it was nothing to be concerned about and could mean a whole variety of things. I still felt restless, so I went for a walk.

This is where my "39 week update" would turn into a birth story. 

Hypothetically, If I had of written this last Monday (which I did intend to) I would have told you about my midwife appointment and probably told you how ready I was for this to all happen. Maybe.

Well, I made it to 39 weeks and one hour. Technically.

I keep trying to write posts to tell you all how amazing it is to have our baby here in our arms... How much of a joy it is to hear her squeak from her basinet... But really words don't suffice at this point in time. I thought instead I would work methodically through the time of events and try and express them as I originally felt them rather than in hindsight.

Tomorrow would have been my due date, I feel kind of funny bout that.

[Side note: Just as I went to hit "done" I got projectile vomited on. It was so impressive!! I never thought I could be so excited about poos and sick!]


  1. Soph, this is so beautiful. You might not think it, but you really have a wonderful way with words. Keep writing and keep inspiring me :)

  2. Haha - it's amazing what parenthood does to one... we still have conversations about base subjects and our 'baby' is 16 months now! I wrote everything down in my dairy a few hours after she was born, as I knew I'd never remember in the weeks to come - but no emotions, it was just a time line. I recommend, if you can word it; try to include some of those first few moments of intense feelings... they come and then go as you start to get into the rhythm of family life, and are quickly forgotten!


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