Friday, September 23, 2011

Revelio Jar Cover!

Specialis Revelio!

Remember my pretty pretty yarn of which I had the fortune of having left overs!? Your suggestions were great and I finally decided to make a pretty jar cover.

I got the idea from the ever creative and colourful Lucy and her tutorial was easy peasy. If you're thinking about picking up a crochet hook this is a great place to start! 

So. I had a ball of pretty fabulous yarn in one hand, a hook in the other, a napping baby and a desire to make something purely for the fun of it. Not necessarily purposeful, but something I could keep and something pretty. Perfect!

I was surprised with how consuming crochet is, it used up pretty much the whole ball on this little project and I was expecting to get at least 2 covers out of it. Well, I am 'hooked' and I'll definitely be adding to my little jam jar collection in due time. Its unfortunate i'm not the greatest photographer and the lighting doesn't do it justice here!

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  1. This is really cute. It's so good reading about your journey as a mama which you are clearly loving. I so hear you about respect for single parents I reckon it must be the toughest job in thw world and lonely at times too. Keep up the awesome work you are doing great and I think every mama needs to hear that often. Love to meet your little lady sometime at a bloggy get together.


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