Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dear Baby and 4 Week Update

Our Little Maori Princess is 4 weeks old today! 


It feels like she has always been in our lives but it also feels like she just arrived yesterday. 4 weeks might seem like a long time ago but I have no idea where that time went. I feel like we have become 2000% more confident in being parents in the last 4 weeks and our love for her grows more and more everyday.

Camilla is doing wonderfully, she is putting on so much weight! She is growing double what is expected and is a "good amount". I have no idea what's in my milk but it must be pretty good! ;) She is almost out of newborn nappies - If I didn't have another 2 packs left I probably would have moved her up a size already but I'm determind to use them! She is out of "newborn" singlet tops but not quite big enough for the "0-3" month size.

She did have jaundice in her first week but she has well and truly grown out of it and now has quite dark skin (considering she has 2 very white parents). I think its the Maori blood coming through (from Graemes side) and I'm stoked. Maori Princess! I think she looks mostly like Graeme. Except for the nose, I think she has my nose. She has had hormone spots this last week but they seem to be getting better every day. Just a usual part of being a newborn.

Camilla is SO handsy and everyone always comments on it when they meet her (that and her super long fingers). She loves to play with her hands, wont stand them being swaddled or wrapped up and loves to have her fingers in her mouth, eyes, ears, up in the air... Anywhere really.

We call her forehead wrinkled "frinkles" when she's frowning, "spew head" when she's burping or covered in milk, and "lav lav" when she's had a bath or shower and its time for bed.

She's very physical touch and loves to be held, jiggled and rocked. I can only put her down for about 2 happy minutes a day before she wants to be held again.

She loves the car and will fall asleep at anytime of the day within a few blocks - because of this people who see her multiple times a week still haven't seen her awake yet. Same goes with the pram. She falls asleep easiest when she is jiggled and bum tapped and in someones arms on their chest. Some times she wont have a bar of her basinet and sometimes its late and just not worth the struggle trying to get her to sleep there so she ends up in bed with us. When she sleeps she makes super cute squeakie noises.

Yes, we are tired. It slowly eats away at you and then you realise how worn down and exhausted you really are. My mum surprised me this weekend and came over from the westcoast to help out. She bought homemade muesli, groceries and lots of love (and energy to cook and clean!!). That helped a lot. I'm really going to need to start prioritising my rest above other things - I think I've been trying to do too much and fit too many visitors, too much house work, craft, internet, friends into my days. I'm starting to pay for it with 2 infections and a cold in the last 3 weeks.

I am SO thankful for many things from this past month - Mostly to our family and friends who have surrounded us in love and support, our Church which cooked and delivered delicious hot meals for 3 weeks, daily visits which brighten my day, rides and pick ups for coffee dates with other babies and mums and of course all of your comments and emails, most of which I haven't replied to but I sincerely appreciate them.

Here's to another great month! 
My little baby is growing up :(

Dearest Camilla,

You are 4 weeks old today and are fast asleep on my chest. You nose is pushed right into me and you are making a squeaking wheezing noise. Its so cute. I could listen to it all night!

 It hasn't been long but already you have completely changed our lives. We are much better people because of you. In the last 4 weeks of your life I don't think I have ever prayed so intensely or been so reliant on God. In your first week of life I was overwhelmed with how innocent you were and how much you relied on our goodness. I realised that just like you, we rely on Gods goodness. We are nothing with out Him. Thank you for teaching me that. 

You are growing so so well, it wont be long and you will be smiling back at us, then you will be clapping, crawling, and then you Dad will be walking you down the aisle. That is really how quickly time seems to be going. 

You have been showered with love an affection these last 4 weeks. I know you are in a loving community of family and friends and I'm so pleased to raise you amongst such wonderful people. I love the village that surrounds us!

Stay happy little one.

Love, Mama. xxxx

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  1. Vaccination is just around the corner. Have you given it much thought?


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