Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yarny Ideas

I bought some pretty pretty bamboo and wool yarn this week. I used it to make some booties for my very last Stitch Africa order. I loved the way they turned out and i'm feeling inspired. I would love to get more and make something like this and especially this... Something bright and colourful. And something for me / us.

Any ideas?


  1. There's a neat-o pen cup in this link:

    I love this multi-coloured yarn! Can you tell us where you got it from?

    Re the link above - I've been wanting to crochet a square tray for the bits & bobs on the bathroom vanity. So far, I only know 'how' I'm going to make it. Just need to find some sturdy heavy yarn.

    OR! Did you see the sweeet big flower on Lucy's head band? You could crochet a big flower for Sweet Camilla & attach to a head band/beanie.

  2. I adore everything crafty.... but anything to do with yarn is beyond my capability! I really wish I could knit -- there are so many amazing patterns out there. Look forward to seeing what you do with it!

  3. Oh that yarn is gorgeous!! Love Posie

  4. Been trying to think of something for you to make with that gorgeous yarn but I must admit that I'm stumped! Most of the crochet suggestions that I have need specific colours in specific places.


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