Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A New Calling For Your Stash!

You may remember my post about sending parcels to a whole community of Kids in Western Uganda. Well, I have all of the goodies to put in them, but now I need some help to package them up.

Actually, I need your help.

Time is limited with a newborn in my arms 24/7 and I know I will never get this done on my own any time soon, and I really do want to send these as soon as I can - maybe they will arrive in time for Christmas?

Here's where you come in. Would you like to donate some fun or colourful fabric from your stash? Maybe its even old kids sheets? Anything would be useful!

Want to help even further? You could sew up a few of these draw string bags to put all the goodies in. (in need of 20 total and they need to be able to fit an a5 inside with the string pull closed - that's all!!)

I know, I may sound cheeky, but I'm really hoping that some of my readers with closets full of unused fabric and time on their hands and a passion in their hearts to help might take up this calling and join with me. (I know you're out there!!)

Are you interested? Email me on sophieslim@moo2.co.nz to chat further about what we can do together.

A huge thank you to Posie who came up with the idea of putting every thing together in a bag - something to call their own and multi purpose! A gift. Just for them.


  1. Hi Sophie, I have a pretty pitiful stash so don't know if I can help out in that respect, but I'm more than happy to do some sewing for you if I can help.

  2. I'm sure I can hook you up with some bags...A5 as in half an A4 sized?? I'll have a wee look through my stash this week. Pretty sure you have my email

  3. I can help if you still need it :) How many more bags do you need? - Bronwyn :)

  4. Hi Bronwyn, I hope you see this because your profile doesnt lead to a blo or email addy!!

    Still in need of 7! Think you can help? email me on sophieslim@moo2.co.nz


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