Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Time To Forget

I just read an update on one of my newest favouritist blogs, Faery Sarah. She's preggo with her second and is at 36 weeks. You can read her post here.

I remember being 36 weeks. Just. I remember the weekend I blogged about. I remember sitting in the sunshine and thinking that it would be soo long until we had our baby, I remember the raspberry and coke, playing pool and rubbing my belly on the table. But I don't remember the pregnant part.

The all-day-sickness that left me in bed for days is just words on a screen now, barely a memory. The kicks, punches and heels in the ribs are a distant thought and the hiccups I can barely imagine now. I do remember long hot showers every night, rubbing my belly before I got into bed and feeling such love for someone I had never met. I do remember Graeme stroking, rubbing and touching my belly and speaking to our Little One. And I do remember thinking he would be the best Daddy ever (I was right).

It's only been just over a week but I hardly remember being pregnant. I remember events surrounding the pregnancy (like the showers and the kind words and the rubbing) but not the actual pregnancy itself (like what it feels like to have a baby turn around inside you, or be able to tickle her feet from the outside and feel her squirm).

I still remember the birth. But I know those memories will also fade (I should really get writing).

And that makes me sad. In all honesty. I'm so so so glad I blogged every week with what was happening at the time. One day soon I'm going to go back and read through my whole journey.

I know that these days are short. We had another little bubba (7 weeks old) come visit us today and I couldn't believe how much he had grown since his birth. He was a little (cute) monster next to Camilla.

So, these days are short and mostly sleepless and tiring, but I am determined to enjoy them for what they are. I love love love morning cuddles in bed when the sun is streaming in, I love the cute little hiccups (and can't believe she used to do those inside me!!!) the sneezes are adorable and her little toes look like tiny gummy worms.

I know I can't get this time back.. I am determined to enjoy it, even at 3am.


  1. haha that last pic is classic!

    Thanks for the shout out! I can't wait to not feel pregnant! haha no really!

  2. What an incredible post :) I'm so happy for you!

  3. the hiccups are the cutest! my lil man gets them all the time. i get what you mean about forgetting, being pregnant seems like ages ago and im glad i recorded it on my blog!


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