Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Milla!

Happy Second Birthday my beautiful girl!

Is it strange to say I could never imagine this day until it's happened? All of a sudden you are two years old, and I didn't even see it coming. 

You're a beautiful toddler, inside and out. You have such a caring soul, always concerned for others, willing to let them go first, to share your first chippies with me, always looking out for your little Sis, telling me when she needs to be fed or rocked or burped. 

You hair is so find and straight, you have a bald patch on the side which is slowly growing back. You're a twirler, you see. You twirl and twirl your hair in your sleep, it knots up and breaks off. When you get up in the morning having done it you hold your head and say "o ohhh, knots!". When we put you down to sleep your hand automatically goes up to your head and you look at us, shake your head and say "No" then put your hand under your blankets. 

You love to clean. Oh my goodness. Long may that last! You have a little cleaning kit with a tiny broom and other bits and pieces. You love to wipe condensation, and to sweep the floor while I vaccum. I don't even need to ask you, you just do it. You also turn on the dishwasher and the washing machine. They both combine your love for cleaning and your love of beeps! The perfect chore for a two year old!

You're quite independant with your play and can happily play by yourself for hours! Lately you've been playing near me though, and not venturing too far away.

You love your Dad. When he comes home at night you break into dance. We call in the Daddy Dance. It consits of a routine of spinning in circles, a headstand into a rolley polley and then the splits! You'll do anything for your Dad. Its really sweet to watch the two of you.

Technology. Far out. You are a whole new generation of tech. It scares me a little seeing how at ease you are working all our gadgets. You turn on the play station and our amps, play Fruit Pop and Dots on our iphones and scroll through our photos and play our videos till your hearts content. You love the "caps lock" button on my laptop. I've had to stop using my laptop and phone during the day (a really hard thing to do for a blogger!!) because you are just so obsessed with them! Its easier just to avoid them some times.

All of your Grandparents are completely smitten with you. They often tell me how completely amazing you are. I say its all you and your personality. You can't help but shine and be a beautiful light in their lives. 

You have lots of little friends that you visit, but the ones who seem to have captured your heart are Sacha, Lucy and Kenzie. 

I cut you in a front ways fringe, I think it suits you! 

Your favourite books right now are Hungry Caterpillar and Green Sheep. You point to all the different sheep and declare which ones they are "Bath Sheeeeep!!". You love to draw, you're so specific about all of the marks you make on your page, each is done with intention. You also love puzzles, your tea set and anything that involves organising and bits and pieces. 

Every day you learn a new word or phrase, your speech is really coming along! You said your first unprompted sentence last week, it was "O Ohh, watch out for Katie, oh dear" while you were putting things in our supermarket trolley! You parrot everything you hear, last night you said "motivation" after you heard the news presenter say it. You blow us away with how aware you are of your surroundings! 

You've been in your bed since you were about 19 months old. Recently though you've been spending more nights in your cot, it just works out easier than you getting up in the night when you hear your Sister, and we've all been a bit sick lately so the extra sleep has been nice. Hopefully we can buckle down again and get you back in your bed regularly, because you've started to ask to go in the cot and seem to prefer it. 

You still love your Duckie, and the newest favourite is Dolly. She does everything Katie does and you do everything I do. Dolly gets her nappy changed throughout the day, she gets rocked to sleep, breastfed by you (super cute), and she even put out the washing on Monday morning! You're a little mother! You have such a nurturing soul, lucky Dolly. 

I love you so much. So completely. You have blessed our family so much and we have loved the last two years with you in our lives. 

Keep being you, Milla.




  1. Happy Birthday Camilla!Enjoy this special day :D

  2. Happy birthday gorgeous Milla!
    (It all goes so fast, doesn't it?? I remember like YESTERDAY when my girlie turned 2 *sniff*)

  3. Happy Birthday precious girl x


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