Monday, August 12, 2013

Milla Makes - Pea Coat

I couldn't wait to show my budding model in her new corduroy emerald green coat I made her last night! I'm not usually so nifty behind the sewing machine so I'm thrilled this turned out so well! (like seriously, I'm stumped!??)

I used Big Little's Pea Coat pattern, you can buy a digital copy from Lisa's Felt Shop. It was pretty easy to follow, definitely suitable for beginners (like me)!

The strawberry lining on the inside is so much fun, along with the big yellow buttons! I'm in love! I wish it was in my size! (In fact, I just remembered now I actually had a green coat like this as a teen!)

The sweet head band is from her Aunty in London.

And the poses? Well, I think she's a natural model. Heh. Just like her postie-kid-model Mama, perhaps I could dig up some photos to prove it?

Enjoy the cuteness!

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  1. How scrummy is she?! So cute and the jacket is amazing! Seriously, if you hadn't commented on your sewing skills, I'd have assumed you were a seasoned pro. Great job!

  2. ARGH!!! Dying of cuteness overload!
    p.s I want Postie Proof
    p.p.s Go you on the sewing machine!!

  3. Wow Cuteness, love the color.. great job! I've got that pattern but still haven't had a go....glad to hear it wasn't too hard x

    1. Totally give it a go! I won it in the matariki crafting hop! x

  4. Ah well done Sophie! Sooo cute! Love the colour and the funky buttons!

  5. I agree with Katrina! and such a all the poses and and love the coat! Well done :)) Great choice of the colour and the lining x

  6. wow it looks fab! I must get onto making my boys their ones :o)

  7. you made that in one evening-go you! the colour is stunning, and your little model even more so x

  8. Oh so cute! Well done you - going at it like a pro! Cant wait to see your future sewing feats!

  9. Love the coat. The colour is amazing. Cx

  10. WOW! This is so amazing, the coat and your beautiful model! My best friend is a few weeks away from her due date, so i may have to get on the sewing machine and make one for her! But well done you, v.inspired! x

  11. Awesome Sophie! Glad you found the pattern nice and easy :) Lisa xx


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