Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Feeding Katie & Wearing Breastmates

Happy Breastfeeding Month!

There I was on my high horse, telling everyone how easy breastfeeding was. I did all I could to prepare to have a successful feeding relationship before my second baby was born. 

My last daughter, Milla, was SO easy to feed. She latched straight away and we never had any issues. I thought that would happen again.

But there we were, moments after birth, sitting in my nest of pillows waiting for Katie to latch. And she didn't. Not to my left side anyway. I didn't think too much of it and swapped her over to the other side where she spent the following hours.

The next few weeks were a struggle with the left. I didn't understand why she wouldn't latch to that particular side. I prayed and I hoped "please, just let me feed my baby". I was scared of going out of the house knowing I couldn't feed my baby without a fight admist tears from both of us. 

I ended up admitting that I was struggling a little on Twitter and booked in an osteopath appointment. As soon as I publicly admitted that I was having a little difficulty I felt a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. So many people replied saying they had initial trouble too, but babies and Mamas can both learn, they can get better. I felt so much hope instead of shame.

After that Osteo appointment Katie has been feeding perfectly. I am so so grateful. 

I am still glad I did all that preparing. The flavoured water was invaluable, the PJs perfect and I wear my breastfeeding cami's everyday. 

But then I hit that 3 week slump. The one when you're ready to leave the house, but you have absolutely nothing to wear. Everything is stretched from your big belly, old, or in my case, tracksuit material or flannelette. 

Breastmates were so kind to send me their brand new Nuture feeding top. Its another one of Franny's self designed in her Bump N Boob range and this one's for the cooler months with its long sleeves and layers. (And I helped name it! Aye Franny?)

It covers all my wobbly bits and hides my canyon of cleavage. The fabric is so lovely and soft and stretchy and drapey. Its slim where it should be (I love having my sleeves fit well!) and gathers where it should (around my chest and tummy!). 

The model on the website looks absolutely beautiful and perky, but I think my F Cup looks pretty good in it too ;)

It feels flattering for my body that struggles to find its happy place post birth, when everything's stretching and tightening and changing, this top is a perfect fit that seems to go with whatever my body is doing.

The front of it opens up at each side to feed, my midwife witnessed it in action and said it was brilliant! Er. I KNOW. Completely modest and stylish for public feeding, which I have done multiple times (Hoorah for well designed tops and feeding babies!) Just don't leak in it, the soft fabric soaks it up!

If you've seen me in the last month outside of my home, its probable that I've been wearing this top. Its my go to for public appearances! 

I am so grateful for babies who feed, friends and family who encourage and for lovely maternity wear that flatters and makes you feel good about going out!

If there's a next time, I'll be buying a few tops specifically for feeding before I have the baby, maybe it'll help avoid the 3 week slump?

Do you have any practical or mental ideas for a successful feeding relationship? Leave a comment and let me and other expecting Mamas know!

And hey! I'm on the cover of Breastmates Mag! (along with hundreds of other beautiful Mama and Daddys!) If you want to become a pin-up-girl check out the Breastmates Facebook page

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  1. This is a great review Soph - and so good on you for admitting it's not easy and then doing something about it! I've had my fair share of BF trouble (maybe more so!) and the only way to survive is to ask for help and then relish the support you receive. So glad things are better for you both now. x

    1. All the best for your upcoming birth Jess! Love to your whanau xxxx

  2. I've had 3 babies and only the first was straight forward breastfeeding! My last is now 18 months and after a not so good experience with no. 2 I was determined to persevere with no. 3. This led me at the 3 week point (where I felt feeding was going okay, but something wasn't quite right) to get a referral and we ended up having her previously undetected tongue-tie snipped! Smooth sailing after that, all the way to 12 months which is the longest I had done (by 6 months!). Very proud of that effort (especially as no. 3 was born when I was 40 & a total surprise after a 7 year gap!!). Hope it continues to go well. BF is such a hot topic, but hopefully you have nothing but support and encouragement in your motherhood journey.
    All the best, from a new reader (a sewer without a blog!) who initially found you and your mentions of Love Bombs - amazing stuff!
    shereesteve_fletcher at yahoo dot com

    1. Hi Sheree! Welcome!

      Thank you so much for leaving such a well thought out comment, i'm so glad the journey with your third was so successful! And on to a year! Huzzah! FAB!


  3. I absolutely love my Breastmates feeding clothes- you look amazing in your top! I am currently still breastfeeding my one year old but it is more just at night now.

  4. Not only is the top practical but you look stunning in it.

  5. A great review, good on you for getting BFing help and you're looking gorgeous btw :) x


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