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Meet The Sisterhood: Angela

The Sisterhood is made up of so many beautiful women, many of whom have been with us since the very beginning. I wanted to introduce them to you as they mostly stay under the radar and behind the scenes but they are so very important to me!

This is the first in a series of inspiring, generous and beautiful women.

I've asked them all a few questions, and they replied! I hope you enjoy getting to know a few more Sisters!

Introducing Angela!

I knew Angela through blogging, and loved her (despite having never met!). She starting giving to The Sisterhood as soon as she heard about us when we started back in 2012! She was also due to have her second baby so we sent her one of our original LOVE BOMBs to bless her back. The funny thing is, she heard about the Love Bomb being sent and she donated items towards it, heehee! Sneaky sneaky, we sent it to her! (She's put a link to her blog post about receiving a Love Bomb in her interview)

Ange is dedicated and constantly sending in little items for each package and she must spend a fortune on postage alone!! I got to meet her in April and she is every bit as lovely as I imagined! She's also a blogger, you can find her at Tall Short and Tiny blogging about food, travels and her kiddos.

How did you first hear about The Sisterhood

I first heard about The Sisterhood about 18 months ago, when lovely Sophie first wrote about her idea on her blog. 

What initially made you get involved? How did you get involved?

I was disheartened by the tendency of so many women to put other women down - I just don't get why anyone would do that! - and Sophie's idea really struck a chord with me. Being involved in a way of showing other women that what they do matters, regardless of their situation, was a no-brainer for me. 

The first call for The Sisterhood to act was when a family in Christchurch lost everything they had in a house fire; they had small children, and as I was expecting our second, my heart broke for that family. There had to be something I could offer, however insignificant it might seem, because losing everything would mean than anything would be better than nothing. From there, I was hooked. When Sophie and The Sisterhood put out the call, I respond in whatever way I can. 

How did that make you feel?

Every time I send something, a little piece of my heart sings. It's an indescribable feeling, an exciting feeling, to think that a small gift that you've provided, whether it's handmade, or shop-bought, or monetary, is going to make another person or family feel that they are supported and that people - strangers - care. I love the anonymity of this; I don't want a thousand thank yous, or to be patted on the back for doing something like this. When we did our Ninja Cookie Drop and had our National Kindness Day, I was mostly excited by the thrill of not being seen, rather than the face-to-face acts (although those were pretty special, too!). Being kind, doing good things, sharing what we have, caring for can it not feel amazing??!

What is your favourite part of The Sisterhood?

My favourite part of The Sisterhood would have to be reading people's reactions either on Sophie Slim, or on The Sisterhood's Facebook page. I love hearing about how the Love Bombs, Ninja Cookie Drops and random acts of kindness are received, how they make the recipients feel (having been on the receiving end of one of the very first Love Bombs, I have a pretty good idea already!). And hearing about the nominees - it is so heartwarming to hear that so many want to love on people they know.

What would you like to see us do in the future?

I'd love to see The Sisterhood do another Ninja Cookie Drop, because it was so much fun - the baking, the packaging, the stealth-delivering - but then again, every aspect of what The Sisterhood does has been fun. A nationwide brainstorming morning tea could be fun - getting other Sisters in your area together for coffee, cupcakes and chinwags - or some kind of nationwide fundraising/goods-provision event aimed at benefiting a specific charity. And more Love Bombs for more deserving, (extra)ordinary women - because those packages of love are simply amazing.

If you want to make friends with Ange, you can find her here:


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