Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sisterhood Fundraising

Good Mornin' Sisters!

What do you think about the images above?

I went through my pivotal Sisterhood posts and found quotes that I had said over and over again and turned them into these, bright and cheerful greeting cards that speak a Sisterhood message!

I'm always on the look out to raise some money for The Sisterhood! I love that some of you have made cash donations in the past, but I like to keep those specifically for blessing others because that's obviously what you've given your hard earned dollars for!

There's still other things to pay for in The Sisterhood though, and I would love for those costs to be covered by The Sisterhood (because that just makes sense, right?). There's always packing tape, ribbons, poems printed, extra bits and pieces and specific items to add to love bombs, rural delivery and extra postage costs. The random list goes on!

I've been trying to think of some on going fundraising ideas, and came up with a product range similar to this one! Greeting cards, tote bags... other.. things?

All Sisterhood-ish that you could buy anytime and use for yourself, or gift to others.

The money raised would cover the cost of the product and any extra would go towards everyday Sisterhood costs.

What are your thoughts?

I wanted to check with you first, you see theres no point in making something and no one wanting it, so please be honest:

Would you buy something like this from The Sisterhood? 

Do you like what I've done so far?

Do you have any other ideas? 

 I'd love it if you left a comment here, on our Facebook page, or sent an email to my inbox with your thoughts and ideas. Please and thank you! x

[[PS - We have a secret ninja bake coming up. I'm just beginning to plan it! And I have sent out 2 love bombs in the last week. More details soon!]]


  1. I love your idea Sophie, I am always needing a card for something or other. Just a thought. Why don't you see if people want to submit a piece of art that you can use with the saying on it. So someone could draw, someone could computer generate and someone like me could use a photo with some text on?? that way you could get a variety of styles and include folk who might enjoy getting their work published but don't usually get the opportunity.

  2. What a great idea. Love the way we could personalize a card to someone to share the love.

  3. I love the idea Deb has as well!! fabulous idea!

  4. Love the idea Sophie, and especially love Deb's suggestion. I always need greeting cards!


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