Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just Stay That Little

We've had a great day celebrating our eldest's 2nd birthday!

Last years birthday (her first) seemed to be all about us. In a way, we celebrated the occassion while patting ourselves on the back "we made it through the first year" I thought. We celebrated with parties to thank our friends and family for being with us on the journey.

This year, it was all about her and seeing that smile. I woke her up first thing in the morning by singing happy birthday to her and placing her birthday crown on her head (a hand-made felt crown)(something that might become a tradition I think!). When I took her down to our bedroom where MrMoo and Katie were sitting up in bed waiting for her she lit up. Oh my goodness, instant excitement! I can't forget that joy, don't ever let me forget it!

We gave her simple gifts. She's been loving baking lately, we seem to bake every Wednesday so I wanted to encourage that within her and gave her baking themed gifts, along with a Mama-Made apron and some clothes that I knew she needed.

She was completely spoilt by all of her grandparents. Someone please tell them to settle down on the spoiling?? I'm going to need to devout one of our bedrooms to toy storage.

Today we had play-dates with her little church friends, skyped family, and visited grandparents. Nanny and Poppa and Uncle Phil also brought around dinner and ate cake with us.

As I put her to bed tonight we said and extra long prayer and had an extra long "moment" before turning off the light. My big girl.

Then it was Katies turn to go to bed, I held onto her extra tight and asked her to never grow up. Just stay that little. It seems only months ago that I could do that with Milla.

Happy birthday Milla Moo.



  1. Oh what a happy day - and such a happy loving family. Happy Birthday Milla! Enjoy them Sophie, drink them in as much as you can - it is over all too soon x

  2. So glad that you are writing these memories down, you won't ever regret it. Love Cath Day

  3. Naw, super cuteness! I hear you on the spoilt front, where do all those toys go? They certainly seem to notice when something goes 'missing', even if it's just the box that the vacuum came in.

    I love this post :)


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