Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Life at 6 Weeks

Life right now:

  • I've made a start on Katie's 1st birthday blanket, since Milla's blanket ended up being 6 months too late I thought this was probably wise.
  • I've started but I really don't have a complete plan yet. I haven't internally agreed on the colours yet. This is incredibly exciting for me (what a blanket rebel!) but also incredibly nerve racking (what if I waste so much time?!)
  • For the last 2 nights MrMoo has been a couch blanket hog. I'm going to have to get our spare ones out of the wardrobe. Leather couches get so cold!
  • I've gone and compiled a master to do list. This whole feeling like I'm getting nothing done is not good for my mental health! I must achieve, and I must feel like I'm working on something, this I now understand. Everything on the master list is achievable within 1 or 2 days, the idea is to tick something off [hopefully] each day.
  • I love the 6 week milestone. No longer a new born but still so little! The cheeks fill out and the neck gets strong. Love!
  • Milla is so sick. She's had fevers on and off since Friday but seems to have turned a corner today. Hopefully she's on the up! The rest of us are cowering away from her germ filled coughing.
  • Waking up to sun today made me deliriously happy!
Whats happening in your household right now? Leave a comment and let me know!

I included all of you on Facebook yesterday saying you had sick people in your household in my prayers yesterday. Take care xxx


  1. I love a good list. Still fighting the dreaded winter fevers round here ~ only 1 of the 5 school age children actually made it out of the house today. Lots of sleep... movies and hot drinks being consumed. Praying Milla improves quickly from here on out. xx

  2. Loving the sun here two. So great being able to kick the kids outdoors to play! Hope Milla gets better soon the poor wee thing!

  3. That is such a gorgeous squishy baby photo! We are all feeling a lot better today so after our Spanish mums get together we met my husband for coffee and now we are planning on doing some baking together. Mr #3 has requested sausages and sauce for dinner so I will make some fried rice too.

  4. Wow how great you are thinking ahead nice plans.

  5. Lists are the best! Hope Milla improves soon and the sun continues to shine x

  6. Sophie you are such an amazing achiever! Hats off to you xx


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