Thursday, August 29, 2013

Steppin' Out In Ezibuy

I'm really struggling with this whole "looking like I've woken up" post baby fashion thing. Its hard to get out of the trackies in the morning, and even harder to go shopping with two babes in tow and limited, single income funds. 

Surely you find the same, right?!

I tried my fingers at online shopping last week to see if that would help the situation. I've never done clothes shopping online and was a little nervous!

I tried out Ezibuy's online catalogue, just the same as the physical thing but with the ease of doing it from my computer! I was pleasantly surprised with their selection, and as its coming into spring they already had all of their new stock listed (and their winter stock on clearance) so I made sure I was getting something that would suit the upcoming weather! 

The brilliant thing is, instead of spending an afternoon at the mall going in and out of the same shop, humming and haa'ing over whether to purchase an item (because you know, tight funds mean I need to seriously think about it!), I just loaded up my online shopping cart and picked through them one by one at 10pm at night. I narrowed down my purchase to my budget, then flashed the screen in front of MrMoo to see if he concurred with my choices. I even emailed my cart to my Sister in London to get a second opinion.

I'm wearing The Skimmer pants in lipstick ($49.99) and Emerge Pocket Blouse in floral ($49.99)

Like my choices? I'm so desperate for some bright colours in my life after what seems like an eternally drab colourless winter.  The top is a little crazy and I feel a bit out there wearing it, but I love love love the pants. They fit perfectly to my measurements that the sizing chart on the website said I would be. (Post baby body and all, it felt like a risk, but it wasn't at all)

This was my first time using the Ezibuy website and I'll definitely be buying more from there. When you sign up first time to the website it takes a few seconds to enter your details, then they email you a code to get your first order's shipping for free. It took one day for my goods to arrive on the "standard shipping" option. And if I order again, its only another 7 bucks or so for the same shipping option. (they also have a super easy returns policy, but I didn't need to use it!) Bargain. It's my new favourite way to shop! No more crowded shops wrangling kids and prams!

There's still hope for this busy Mama's wardrobe!

(ps, they also sell other things aside from woman's wear - Like NEXT kids clothing! My favourite brand of kids clothes straight from Europe! (but don't tell my Sister in London, she might stop sending them over if she knows I can get them here! Hehe)

As a mum, how do you buy your clothes? Have you tried doing it online? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. I buy most of my clothes online (no shops up here)! Asos and Modcloth are faves, and I've purchased off Urban Outfitters too. Asos and UO both have free shipping to NZ (Modcloth is more pricey and I rarely buy from there, but such beautiful clothes). I have also bought clothes off etsy (my fave arrow tights) and from Glassons and Cotton On online. Can't remember if Glassons had shipping fees or not, Cotton On did so I stocked up on clothes for all of us and combined shipping, think they have a flat fee.

    Yeah, essay, but those are my faves.

    1. Good to know Stella! I think shipping would make a huge difference to where I shopped! Free / a flat fee would make a huge difference!

  2. You look lovely - and SLIM - flippin amazing especially given the age of your tiny newborn?!
    Ezibuy is VERY convenient. The fit is sometimes a bit hit and miss, but I way prefer online shopping to actual SHOPPING. I think I'm a bit like that though.
    Even my groceries are online shopped.

    1. Hehe, I respond to this as I do my online grocery order. Once you order groceries online its hard to go back. I think that might be the same for my wardrobe!

  3. You look so good. Love that outfit, the shirt is divine! Been meaning to try Ezibuy for a while - you might just push me over the edge to do it!

  4. I'm a big Ezibuy fan, although, like Simone, find their sizing can be a bit hit-and-miss sometimes. Asos (free shipping, hurrah!) and F&F by Tesco (occasionally free shipping) are good (knowing the UK sizing and how it fits you helps), but there must be a gazillion others I don't (and shouldn't!) know about.

    Love the pants - you look gorgeous as always xx

  5. I love those pants on you! It can be so hard to get a good fit post-baby. Often what fits around the belly is loose everywhere else, but these look perfect! I browse a lot of online shopping, but shipping often puts me off. I'll have to check out these ones with free shipping people are mentioning :)

  6. I have been humming and ha-ing about Ezibuy. I probably need to go into their store as I am between sizes, so that I can see which size fits me better, but once I know what their fit is like I have a huge shopping cart lined up! I really like their coloured jeans and I even got my bridesmaid dress from Ezibuy.

  7. You look amazing!!! I love the colours!

  8. I am not a fan of online clothes shopping. My figure is so hard to fit and especially in the 'on trend' items that I have no idea how they will sit on me. Pants is definitely a no-no. I need to be able to try things on!
    I am however, an Ezibuy fan from way back when I was a teenager and Mum would get the catalogue and I would spend hours choosing the stuff I would like and MAYBE get one item haha. I like that there is a store in Chch too.

    But I mostly commented on this post because OH MY GOSH MILLA IS COPYING YOUR POSE!!!!!!! SWOON!

  9. Love that last one of you and Milla - so cute. I so rarely buy any clothes and when i do it's something like jeans. My jeans are ezibuy but I tried on the style in 2 different colours and they were a totally different cut and fit - crazy! I like browsing on line but I tend to just buy staples (cardis and jeans) from shops and make the rest. Surprisingly I don't love shopping. Although I love markets and op-shops....

  10. Rocking those gorgeous vibrant colours just in time for Spring! Much as love the idea of online shopping I do love to go and try clothes on - I'm pretty picky and what looks good on the rack has to feel as fantastic on otherwise I just won't get it - if I umm and ahh for too long I know I'm not meant to get it :-)


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