Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random Thoughts On A Thursday

Random Thoughts On A Thursday

(Thanks for the inspiration Ange!)

  • The Babymoon has officially been over for weeks. I knew it was as soon as I had Homebrand drinking chocolate in my online shopping cart. As much as I like living frugally and buying the cheap stuff and therefore having more food in our cupboards, it was also deliciously nice to constantly have Milo and Toffee Pops and other delicious (usually luxury) treats in the cupboard.
  • My Baby is now 2 months old, and my big girl is turning 2 next week. 
  • My Dad had a hip replacement yesterday, his get well card said "To the hippest Grandad..." but he didn't get the joke. Infact, no one got the joke. What a waste! I was sure that was going to be my top joke of 2013.
  • I've been sewing lately and I have more projects cut out on my desk ready to go when I get a spare moment! Yipeeeee! Its so satisfying. I'm loving getting a few minutes behind the machine. (Except that Camilla is too scared of her new felt crown and apron to try them on *sigh*)
  • Katie is doing really well. She is really good at being a baby. Like, she's a natural. And I'm thankful. She sleeps really well. Eats really well. and does all the other things baby's do.  
  • Camilla is obsessed with her Dolly. It does everything Katie does and Camilla does everything I do. Its adorable!
  • Every time I can "trick" Camilla into doing something by convincing her with options I smile to myself and think "oh yeah, i'm the bomb!" and have a little chuckle. Anyone else?
  • I have a little film crew coming over to Sisterhood HQ on Monday to film a piece for CTV (Canterbury Television)'s local heros news slot. Sisters are heros! Yes they are!
  • I'm having to daily ask for more and more patience. But that's cool because I get it. And I'd rather ask and have than not ask and not have. Makes sense huh.
  • MrMoo and I have set savings goals and debt paying off goals. We hit a milestone each 5ish weeks and we celebrate by having a little stay at home dinner date. Lots of icecream, chocolate and treats (See point one). It's funny that we've never had so little money and so many bills as we have this year but been able to do so much with it. Funny how focussing and budgeting can achieve you so much (to a point). So we're living off a crazy tight budget, but its crazy worth it. 
  • I'm giving away two sets of three prints for Pepin Design tomorrow. Make sure you enter while you can! 
  • I really love my blog and I really love that you read it. Thank you for being here! xxx


  1. I love your blog too Sophie!!! And *I* think it's a very cute joke about grandad being the hippest. You are way too clever, maybe that's it?!

  2. Nice to get these wee updates xxx

  3. Fantastic list :) so good that things are going well for you all and on all fronts! Goals and patience - good stuff x


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