Friday, September 6, 2013

End To A Long Week

And so ends a long week. There's been many times where I have banged my head against my wall of limits and dragged myself begrudgingly out of bed. It has felt like I have had no rest this last fortnight. I get up in the morning tired and go to bed tired. I am tired. (but no Mum, I'm really fine. Seriously.)

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Last weekend was busy for the hubby, he was barely home. I'm hoping things will be a little quieter and more restful this time 'round. You know, Mamas need "weekends" once in a while too. Just sayin'.

I'm also trying not to think too hard about our car that is currently stationary in Avonhead, all alone on the other side of town not starting. (And my phone that wont charge. And my TV that isn't turning on...) (EDIT* Ive been told the car is sorted and we can pick it up tomorrow!)

Instead, what's good?

  • The sun is shining, there are two loads of washing on the racks outside waving in the breeze. 
  • Milla is playing with Duplo which she got for her birthday. She loves it. 
  • She's been getting up 3 times a night for the last week, I think it's time to cut out her lunch time nap (she didn't have one today). I thought I would mourn this day, and I kind of am, but if it means she'll stay asleep at night then I'll be much happier. 
  • She is so tired right now as a result. So so tired. Here's to a good sleep tonight!!
  • I'm thinking about all the ingredients for a Jamie Oliver chicken korma that I have ready to go for tonight. Delicious!
  • The sun. Thank God for the sun (again)
  • The Sisterhood. Ya'll have raised $1300 dollars in two nights for two families (this post for more info).
  • The upstairs neighbour currently cutting his toe nails off the balcony (they're falling onto our front door step). But hey, he's an older guy with a lovely partner and they are quiet and friendly. I'll take them as upstairs neighbours any day!
  • Milla currently screaming at me for water in a different cup. So i'm thankful that our water is so accessible I can get her another cup of it. 
So, there you go. Trying to look at the good things. Also thankful for this blog. And for everyone around me. And my Dad, coming to rescue me in Avonhead today, despite his recent hip replacement (oopsies), also thankful for that new hip too!

Better get that cup of water...

While I'm doing that, weigh in on this! I posted this photo ^^ on FB a few weeks ago, this is the girls at 7weeks old. I think they look really similar (mouth, nose, eye colour, hair) but my Dad doesn't think they look anything alike. He's crazy, right???!

Peace xxx


  1. Whoo!!! What a week and I am so glad to hear you have a long list of good even when you are tired and everything isn't going to plan. Keep smiling the sun is shining :D

  2. Sophie, I feel your tiredness! Also ponder the fact that you are actually on the list of a lot of people when they count THEIR blessings......walking the talk, cuz. You do it so well.

  3. Have a relaxing, restful weekend. Well done on all the positives.

  4. Bless you for being able to still find the positives in spite of the week. May you find some time (as much as a new mama can) for rest this weekend xx

  5. Yep, he's crazy, and I think I am too. I think they look different, but I wouldn't argue with the MUM!

    I hope the car/tv/phone/anything-else issues turn into a major blessing.

    Peace x

  6. Love to you Sophie, you are being amazing. The early months can be super tough and you are just so graceful xxx

  7. Hope this week goes a whole lot better - heaps and heaps! thinking of you xx


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