Friday, September 13, 2013

For The Joy Of Mail with Free Printable

Welcome to the very first Sisterhood Spotlight!
I've been wanting to do something like this for a while but have only just figured out what that "something" actually was!

Now you can except a monthly blog post about The Sisterhood, it'll (hopefully) be inspiring, share a story or two, and give you a little take home homework (the good kind!).

I hope The Sisterhood Spotlight is a place where you can be encouraged and spurred on! Please feel free to leave comments, interact with one another or email me with anything you would like to discuss :)

For The Joy of Mail

As the receiver of all your goodness here at HQ I receive a LOT of mail. I'm kind of completely lucky for that, I love opening mail, who doesn't!? Thankfully I have a steady stream of it to open but it always excites me even more when someone mails ME something personal. Actually, it really makes my day! I'm sure it would make yours too?

The most recent mail I received contained some fabric from a blog reader who read a little comment on one of my posts about some cushions I planned on making for Millas room. She had the fabric, and she took the time to go to the post shop and send them anonymously my way! I was so thrilled!!! 

Fabric or not, it was a completely lovely gesture that she would take the time out of her day to send me something that was of no pressing importance except to say "I was thinking of you!"

For the love of mail, and for the love of people in our lives, I've designed this cute little letter head that you can print out for free (if you have a printer) and mail it away to someone! 

It's such a simple gesture that really takes such little time but seems like a big effort. Lets just buy that 70c stamp okay? Lets do it. This month! 

Can you think of someone you would love to send some snail mail to? You might just turn their day upside down and flip it the right way up!

You can find these printables in a Google Doc - just click on:: 

This link for the Hello printable and this link for Lots Of Love end page printable

Print them off at a 100% scale. They should fill up a whole A4 page and walla! Your own cute Sisterhood Stationary!

Let me know if you do end up doing this! I've printed mine off and am about to start writing! Exciting!


Love, Soph xx

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