Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Katie Update - Month 2

I'm sorry Katie, I'm posting this half a month late (you're now 10 weeks old) and I didn't even manage to get photos of you on your quilt with the teddy bear I wanted to use to document your growth. I suppose that's a picture of our lives right now. Things are very busy! Instead, this photo was snapped when you were 7.5 weeks old, so it'll do. Plus its a super cute one of you.

You are my smiley baby! Completely different (already) in personality to your Sister. You smile and coo at anyone, you've giggled, and you seem to love hearing voices and being in a busy room. You'll go to anyone and be happy, its so lovely! My smiley, happy baby! 

You've still got a little dark hair left, some of it has fallen out or lightened. You have about 8mm of orangey coloured hair at the nape of your neck. It goes in a perfectly straight line around the back of your head! Quite impressive!

Your eyes are huge and blue and so captivating!

Katie, I really think you're a blessing to this world. I don't know how, what or why, but I know that God has the biggest plans for your life. You are a part of His plan, and I know if you follow those he'll take you to incredible places and use you in incredible ways. You'll bless people in ways you won't even be able to grasp. So while you grow my prayer for you is that you would dream dreams and see visions in the hopes it they would expand your mind, grow your faith, and help you to know that God is so good. 

We love you xxx

Katie - 1 month old


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