Thursday, September 26, 2013

Katie Updatie - Month 3

Gone are the little newborn baby days, you're a big girl now (but not really), filling out well with perfect rolls on your legs, kissable cheeks and a big puku! 

Katie, you are such a delight! The sweetest baby I have ever met. You smile so often, and talk so much. You just love to have eye contact with people. When you don't, you'll sit quietly and wait, or you'll make a lot of demands to get our attention and when you have it you light up the room with your grin.

This last month you've rolled over once from your tummy to your back and have started to push through a bottom tooth. I can feel it there waiting to come through, its causing lots of dribble but not much else.

You are still sleeping in your basinet in our room but we're making plans to try and see how sharing a room with your sister will go. You sleep quite well through the night, so I am hopeful! 

Camilla loves to talk to you, she gets right in your face and grins and does a "goooaaaheeheeeheeaaaa" noise. I guess she's copying what I do to you! She also says "Hiii Kaaaatie. Boats. Yup. NO. gooooaaahehe Tatie". To that you light up, its adorable watching the two of you build a relationship that will last the rest of your lives. By the way, we've been watching the Americas Cup for the last week every morning, hence the "boats". Everything is about boats around here! 

Your Daddy loves to come home from work, he picks you up or sits next to your bouncer straight away and talks to you about your day.

He loves you, we love you... You are so loved and are a huge joy in our lives.
Thank you baby girl. Be strong! 

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  1. Cutie pie Katie! Love those last two photos!

  2. Gorgeous little girl and it was lovely reading about what a delightful little baby she is :)


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