Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Best Post Ever

So my phone is dead (hopefully fixable), my laptop is dead (new charger coming in the post as we speak) and I'm on this stupid tablet that I look like a 60year old discovering the internet for the first time when I use it.

First world problems, I know, shoot me.

I just struggled through writing you a brilliant post about all these brilliant things I've been learning while I've been weaned off the internet and social media.

It was brilliant, trust me. It could have gone viral.

But then I pushed some button and everything shut down and my brain shut down and its just all too hard.

I hope I can be back in this space soon, because I miss you all, and the less I spend saying dribble on social media the more I want to blog and conversate and just BE REAL.

Because life isn't real in those places. But hopefully to some degree it can be here.

So anyway.

Some stuff I've learnt (but this isn't the viral post version. This is the quick, what did I say? version)::

  •  I really like people
  • I really like making things
  • I'm getting better at sewing the more I do it
  • I'm a worry wort
  • I'm addicted to being busy, I think I seriously have a committment problem. I go from one thing to the next feeling overwhelmed, but bring it on my self completely.
  • My family are pretty cool. My brothers having a baby and my sisters getting married. It's all very exciting. 
  • I asked you ages ago about making Sisterhood cards as a fundraiser. Most of you on FB said it wasn't the best idea I've ever had. But I did it anyway. HA. More on that soon.
  • I'm so so tired. Not just from lack of sleep, because I'm sleeping okay most of the time. More just from life. That might relate to point 4 & 5, not sure.
  • I'm making an effort to pray for people when I say I'll pray for them. I feel stupid admitting that, but I bet you do that too. I bet its a big secret we're all carrying "oh yeah, I forgot to pray for that thing I said I would pray for". Instead, I'm dropping everything I'm doing to connect to the Big Guy for you. And you know what, doing that might just change the whole world. (If you want some prayer sent up on your behalf, just leave a comment or flick me an email. I dont need all the details, just need to know you want some :) )
  • I'm feeling very thankful and grateful, overall.
Things I want to show you:
  • Ninja Bake stuff
  • Sisterhood cards
  • All the things I've been sewing lately
  • Katie. She's growin' y'all. Right before our very eyes. 3 months old already.
  • Other stuff.
Peace and love to you all.

Love, Sophie xxx


  1. Oh the humanity!! You know I have those experiences frequently - it's like I have the technology but I'm stuck in a neanderthals brain! :o) xxx I'm always up for prayer anytime you think of me x

  2. Yes, keeping it real is the way to go! Hope your devices are soon sorted out and you're feeling less tired in a jiffy x


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