Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sisterhood CTV Interview

There's been a lot of Sisterhood news around these parts lately (not sorry at all), and here's another piece of news (haa haa).

A few weeks ago 2 broadcasting school students were allowed into HQ to film me talking about The Sisterhood for a Canterbury Television news slot on "local heroes".

I'm a little embarrassed by this, but of course I said yes! I will not pass up any opportunity handed to me on a silver platter to talk about The Sisterhood.

I reiterated over and over again that I wanted YOU ladies to be the heroes and I feel like I spent that whole hour talking about how amazing you all are, so I'm a little sad that it's more about the Love Bombs than anything. I thought it could be something I would use to thank you with, something YOU could be proud of and show off. But alas, the media is a fickle thing, editing how they like (not that its bad, not at all, just not quite what I had hoped for!)

So I hope you can still be proud, knowing that you have caused The Sisterhood to be where we are today! Thank you for being part of this radical LOVE movement. Also, thank you Lisette for hearing about us and loving us and creating a story to share with the world!! All the best with your broadcasting career


(our's is the very last story so fast forward if you can (its not letting me), otherwise, enjoy Metro News!)



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  1. Girl, you were rocking those pink pants!
    Seriously, though - well done xx

  2. you totally rock Mrs Laughton-Mutu. With the minimal time you have in a day, you sure fill it up givingly(is that a word), So Proud of you, xxx

  3. Great story!! And you look a lot like Amy Adams, the actress! :)

  4. Well done Sophie. You did your 'sisters' proud.


  5. You are the only one critiquing it - as we all do to ourselves! Seriously, you did great :o) Brought tears to my eyes :o) Well done! x

  6. Cool Sophie, you did so well! The thought of being interviewed on t.v. sends shivers of dread down my spine, so well done you!!!


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