Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mokopuna [snuggly] Sleep Suit Review

Katie has been wearing her merino Mokopuna longsuit every third day for the last few months (as soon as I can get it out the wash its back on her!) Its so cuddly, soft and warm for her, I love putting it on. Also, the pink (we have the magnolia) is so nice and soft and a really lovely colour for a baby. (Her Grandad gifted it to her, good choice Grandad!)

[You can see Katie in her long suit in her 1 month update post ]

I loved it so much I went onto the Mokopuna website (Baby City amongst other well known stores stocks it if you're looking for a retail outlet) and had a look at the rest of their range.

We're now proud owners of a Raspberry Sleep Suit (as pictured), it's 100% New Zealand merino, super soft and an extra handy piece of baby clothing to own.

I'm not a devoted swaddler (I did in her first few weeks, but I seem to have extra wriggly babies so gave up pretty quickly!), so these sleep suits work perfectly for us. It means an extra warm layer, especially when those arms are up around her head out of the blankets. 

There's no annoying chords around her feet too which seem to be frustratingly common for sleep suits. I much prefer the stretchy elastic on this one which makes changing really easy.

We have the 0-3 month size, but it seems to have a lot of room to grow in it, its long, and there's quite a bit of space in the arms so I'm hoping this will fit for a while after the 3 month point!

Mokopuna's quality and snugglyness has so impressed me! They would make a perfect gift too, most of their items come gift-boxed when bought from the website. *hint hint*

Thanks Grandad, and thanks Mokopuna for such superb NZ clothing for Kiddos!

Have you ever had a Mokopuna item for your kids? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Hi! Trying to decide if I should spend my merino dollars on mokopuna/naturebaby or baby factory.... do you think the mokopuna is worth the extra $$?! It seems better made to me, lots of my baby factory/farmers merino has runs and pulls around the domes... have you had this problem? Thanks!

    1. Hi Anon! YES! I know its hard to justify when buying something the babe will only wear for a matter of months, but I think Mokopuna is the type that will be passed down and down and down from kid to kid for ages. It'll last.


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