Monday, September 30, 2013

Meet The Sisterhood: Simone

The Sisterhood is made up of so many beautiful women, many of whom have been with us since the very beginning. I wanted to introduce them to you as they mostly stay under the radar and behind the scenes but they are so very important to me!

I've asked them all a few questions, and they replied! I hope you enjoy getting to know a few more Sisters! (I'll be posting these interviews each week. Make sure you leave a comment and some love for them!)

Introducing Simone!

Eee, its such a pleasure to introduce Simone! I've had a blog crush on her long before she even knew my name, so when she found out about The Sisterhood early on and sent a huuuuge box of goodies my way I almost fell over and died! I've had the honour of meeting her in person this year and she's just as lovely and fabulous as I thought she would be! Infact, I wish we lived closer so we could do coffee more often. More recently she's redesigned our new look (likey?!) and continues to be one of our loudest and proudest Sisterhood members!  

How did you first hear about The Sisterhood

Through Sophie's most excellent blog (which happens to be one of my faves)

What initially made you get involved? How did you get involved?

I was moved and inspired by the whole concept - how could I NOT want to be involved? This type of thing (Love bombs, Ninja Cookie drops, blessing strangers, making women feel loved and treasured) is what really rings my bell! I get excited about the idea that someone is going to be blessed from "Sisters they have never met". How I got involved was sending Sophie some bits and pieces for the Love Bombs, joining in the Ninja Cookie Drop (with my kids being the Ninjas - totally fun) and now redesigning the Logo for Sophie.

How did that make you feel?

Well, it's always a buzz to bless another person. I got my kids involved in the Cookie Drop because I want to show them how good it feels to give, not just receive. I sat on the facebook page, refreshing the new posts and watching the comments roll in from people who'd tracked down the Sisterhood after receiving their cookies. The best part was recognising a name from my own Cookie Drops, and reading how it had blown her away. Awesome.

What is your favourite part of The Sisterhood?

Oh, the Love Bombs. I just LOVE the idea of completely bombing someone who is going through a hard time with love. Letting them know they are not alone, that perfect strangers - unmet SISTERS - care and have taken the time to show them they are not forgotten.

What would you like to see us do in the future?
More Love Bombs. Just keep em coming. They're amazing.

If you want to make friends with Simone, you can find her here:

twitter handle: @greatfun4kids

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