Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sisterhood Blessing Families

Nearly 2 weeks ago I put out a call on The Sisterhood Facebook page and told you about two special families who could do with some supporting.

The first was a family who lost their 28 year old Mama to cancer that week. She left behind a husband and three little kiddos. This situation doesn't even bear to think about too much. As a young mum, I cannot even imagine my family in that situation. I felt that it was important that we could do what we can for them, hoping that if that was us, others would do the same.

I'm praying for this family every day, hoping God will fill them with strength and peace and He would carry them through.

With your donations we were able to send this family an $800 grocery voucher. It might not go far with a family of four, but it might relieve some pressure for a few weeks. 

The second family's home burnt down, we were told about them the day after the fact, and all they had were the clothes on their back.

In times like that I would be grateful for community. Well, that's what The Sisterhood is. We're a community, and you were more than pleased to be able to support them.

We sent them $400 Warehouse vouchers and $400 Briscoes vouchers, as suggested by the person who nominated them.

Altogether you raised $1670 in one week for these families. The $70 came in after I had already bought and sent the vouchers so it will remain in the bank.

Thank you so much for your continued love and support, Sisterhood. Its a pleasure to serve you. Next, we'll be doing the Ninja Bake which I will be focussed on for the next month.

One more day to sign up for the national Ninja Bake weekend! 
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  1. Absolutely wonderful. I know the family will appreciate what you have done for them. Many thanks!

  2. It's wonderful what the sisterhood does. Amazing and beautiful. Xx

  3. Fantastic work are certainly spreading the love and cheer. xxx

  4. Yay the sisterhood - incredible, beautiful work. You know to always let me know if you want cards written too - I love doing that :o) xx


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