Thursday, October 14, 2010

Churning The Days

In two days I am running a church event called Swap-eroo.

Honestly, I love doing this! I get so much thrill out of the moment... The ladies, the new people, the what ifs, the organisation, seeing it all come together, then feeling satisfied afterwards.

Honestly, what I loathe is the moments before. My to-do lists are sitting infront of me, many things still uncrossed but still aren't able to be crossed off unless other things fall into place. The truth is I am as organised as I can possibly be right now, so the stress is really for nothing but it's still a hard feeling to shake.

I am looking forward to this weekend with much anticipation. As usual, I am surrounded by a bunch of awesomely supportive friends and volunteers who offer their time and gifts to making it awesome for others. Without them I couldn't do what I love doing.

If you haven't already, check out our Facebook page and make sure you come along this Saturday to swap clothes with other fashionable ladies! :)

See you there!

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