Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cutesie Tea Cup!

On my hunt for vintage tea cups to give away at this weekends Swap-eroo event that I am organising, I came across this gorgeous tea set and fell. in. love.

I'm not one for formal collecting (aside from a few things... like the hardback Narnia series... hint hint), but this was just too cute to pass up!

My heart has been won over by this cutesie tea cup set and her potential future friends. I can't wait to get more!!

What do you collect?


  1. That is such a gorgeous tea cup set. It makes the tea taste better when you drink from something pretty.
    I'm not really into collecting anything per se right now as our house is small so if I started collecting everything I liked then we'd have no room to live in! hehe.


  2. Oooo to be honest I hadn't even considered drinking from it! I think a real ladies tea party is in store :)


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