Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pros Vs Cons

Today is the day for the geeks out there, or the wanna-be organisers.

I love lists! My favourite type of list (aside from a well ordered To-Do List) is a Pros Vs Cons list. These are brilliant for many reasons and many on my life's decisions have been made via a Pros Vs Cons list.

When creating a list, lay it out as so:

Keep in mind many things:

  • Stay to the point of the list.
  • How do you feel about the decision (eg, I really really want Subway, or I have a craving could be on the list!)
  • What society would think of the decision (eg, a waste of money and resources!)
  • Your morals that come into the decision (is it right or wrong?)
  • Your religion that could come into the decision (Does God want me to? Does He not?)
  • Factors that come into it (time, energy, money)
Once I have my basic list, I then go through and number each point. I prefer to keep it in round numbers so a 1 is a "fair point", a .5 is a point that matters only a little and could easily be ignored. A 2 or 3 are huge points and are very hard to ignore. You will find that if there is a 2 or a 3 they will generally swing your vote and largely express your feelings and make up your mind.

The most points win the vote! Its like a fun game :) And yes, today I went home and had my lunch, aren't I good?

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