Saturday, October 16, 2010

Swap-eroo Recap

Today I organised and hosted a women's clothing swap at Church called Swap-eroo!

Holly May Bruce painted these beautiful "Super models", they were stars of the show...

We had awesome helpers, including the Sorting Team and the Front Desk Stars

I loved our Herbal Tea Cafe

We gave away vintage tea cups and herbal tea too

There were lots of good bargains to be had, and I picked up some awesome items (posts on those later on in the week). I wish more people had come and experienced the goodness of it all, what a great time I had!

Now, I am very tired and relaxed and all packed up, ready for a quiet night in.

So, what to do next?

Big thank you's go to (in no order): Wendy, Rachel, Dawn, Amy, Hollie, Kate, Caitlin, Gemma, Christie, Judie, Holly,  Luke, Simeon, Chris, Kirk, Joe, John,  Toni, Luana, everyone who came, and lastly, My husband <3 

** EDIT: After you went home, the amazing packdown team came out to play and tried on your left over clothes!! This is the Sweater Edition...


  1. Such a cool idea! Glad it went well. Those paintings are seriously awesome. I'll come next time but give me a few months notice so I can start swimming... ;)

  2. Wow thia looks like so much fun and very well (stylishly) done. Wish I could have come too!

  3. Jacinta: The Tasman isn't that large to swim across is it? Wheres your commitment? :P

    Liz: You live in Florida so I will let you off!!

    Thank you for your kind words Ladies!


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