Thursday, October 7, 2010


Previously, I used to hate my body and everything about it. I used to hurt myself and try and damage what I thought was a curse. As I have grown in God I have come to the understanding that my body is beautiful and perfect and just the way that God made it. I would even go so far now as to say that I love my body!!

When it comes to marking your skin, because of my history with self mutilation and also experiencing God healing all of my wounds and scars infront of my eyes, I never understood why anyone would want to stain their skin on purpose. My experience with tattoos only includes those 50 year olds whose tats are now unreadable because the ink has leaked (is that what its from??) , or the young ones who get band album art on their arms (and to me the latter seems like idolatry), so as you can tell,  I have very limited experience and knowledge of Tattoos.

Then, one of the bloggers that I follow daily, Amber from I Love You To The Moon, blogged about all of her Tattoos and the meaning behind each. You can read her full post here.

This post really changed my perception on Tattoos > I can see now Its not longer just for bikers to get their woman's name on their bicep, or for a 16 year old to get their now favourite lyrics on their wrists. Its about (hopefully) so much more than that.

If you are considering marking your skin, I really hope you are also considering why you want to.

This is my favourite tattoo of Ambers, subtle, yet it means so much.

I hope you read her post, and take marking your skin for the rest of your life seriously. You are beautiful and perfect. Bands come and go, but God remains. 

Maybe I'm just being a super Nana when it comes to this topic. Thoughts?? I would love to hear your views... leave a comment!


  1. I love all of my tattoos and all of them have a deep and special meaning to me. I don't consider getting a tattoo a thing to be taken lightly, once I design them I hang them up in my room for a month or so to see how I still feel about them before taking the leap. I love that I am using the ink on my body to glorify God and it's a physical reminder to me every day who I'm living for :)
    I totally understand how people can have mixed opinions about tattoos and I respect that, I know I'm a little bit weird but thats just me!

  2. Thanks for the comment Amy! I think you summed up the perfect senario for getting tattoos :)

  3. I think a lot of people get tattoos as they think it is a "cool" thing to do. Or they want to be "individual" but then it seems like EVERYONE has a tattoo nowadays so I think if you DONT have a tattoo, then you are individual. haha.
    I think that tattoos need to mean something to that person, not just get one because they want a tattoo. It is a very personal thing though. I personally wouldn't get one because there isn't anything I could think of that I would want to see on my body for the rest of my life.
    PS: so glad you love yourself now!! :D

  4. :] I somehow just saw this! I wasn't getting your updates.
    You are the sweetest thing.

    I used to have a thing about completely hating myself/body too and thank the Lord that he has healed me of that. Such a beautiful thing.


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