Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Love Touch Rugby... Kindof

For the last 3 weeks on a Tuesday at 5pm hubby along with a bunch of people from our church and their friends have headed down to the local park and played a game of touch rugby.

I played last week and loved it. I kind of know how to play after being in my sisters team as a teenager, however I have very little skill when it actually comes to playing, that aside, it's a lot of fun! First of all, the energy you get from actually exercising is amazing. What a lift! (Read: If you are depressed or sad, why not play a game of social touch rugby)

Every second Tuesday we host a connect group at our house for young couples (My FAVOURITE part of the week) so I didn't want to play again tonight and get tired and sweaty, instead I watched and hung out with my main girly, Hollie.

I loved this aspect too, I got to join in and be a part of something my husband loves doing. Hubby and I are so different on so many levels, its great to be able to join and understand his wee part of the world and have common interests, or at least be interested in his interest in something... haha!

I have to show off my man in the basketball singlet.... What a hottie!!

Afterwards we had our connect group as usual which was great! We have just started reading a new book together called His Needs Her Needs. Tonight was all about the woman's greatest need: Affection. It was so good to be open and honest with other young married couples as we all try to grow and strengthen our marriages. <3 friendships


  1. Awesome that you're working on strengthening your marriage! Me and hubby have only been married 3 yrs but even in those short years you learn so much from each other. Oh and when kids do come into your life, if you've got a solid foundation then you definitely will be able to handle the new challenges together. (err.. when that time comes! :P)


  2. Graeme and i are nearly up to 2 years! Its amazing how much you learn. Looking forward to lifes challenges, including kids! Hopefully in the next few years anyway :)


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