Thursday, October 14, 2010

Written Word Challenge Day Two

I love the bible as much as the next guy, but I also struggle with reading it daily (even though I really want to). Some times I go through seasons of carrying it with me and reading / being inspired every spare minute I get, other times I have had seasons of relying on it daily for wisdom, understanding and survival. Other times (like now) I know how good it is but struggle to pick it up.

To make myself accountable, and to inspire you, I have created this challenge: Written Word Challenge!

A few people so far have taken up the challenge (you can still register if you like, check out the guidelines here) so each day I will be posting on their behalf, along with my regular posts. I hope you enjoy these over the next 30 days, subscribe to my blog, and be sure to comment your thoughts, questions or own ideas (because the writers will be checking back regularly to see what you have to say!)

Kendall Booth. Age 18.


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