Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I Would Like To Do In October - Mondays List

In August this year I set about living like I only had 30 days to live (you can read about my journey here). What I loved most about this is that I set goals and went about achieving them.

Goal setting is great, it gets things done! To-Do lists are our friends :)

Here is my October - Things To Achieve list...

Get a Job
Or at least get on the road to getting one for the end of my Internship (December) when I will finish my work at Church. What would I like to do?

  • Something creative, doing things with my hands and using my mind
  • A weekday job
  • Somewhere in between part time and full time. 30ish hours a week would be primo so I still have lots of time for my Husband and Stitch Africa.
  • Something that involves responsibility and leadership/management
  • Somewhere where the people are amazing
  • Somewhere were I can wear my own style - or represent a style, not just a plain uniform
  • Somewhere clean
I'm pretty sure they are all reasonable wants for my level of experience and talents.

Write Letters
To my friends and family, telling them how awesome they are. This was one of my 30 Days To Live goals but it was never achieved.

Plant Flowers
... and grow pretty things in my garden. Spring is the time to do it!

Have Fun
Start regular dates and quality time with Graeme, enjoy the sun and all it has to offer: Beach missions, flower picking, milkshakes, ice cream, tans and summer dresses.


  1. Great goals and I love the idea of this. I am not sure if you read Making It Lovely but it is an awesome blog and this post reminded me of yours. You should check out Nicole's 30 before 30 list as well. I hope you accomplish each and every one Sophie!

  2. Thanks so much for the link! I have seen her page before, but now I have bookmarked it. What a great post / idea!


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