Monday, October 4, 2010

I love Elles!

Since starting my blog on Blogspot I have had an overwhemling response to it from complete strangers / readers. Wordpress certainly never offered me that sense of community so, I love blogspot!

Since most of you will be new to reading my blog, I thought I should share one big secret with you: I love Elephants. Too much, sometimes.

What is it about them? I'm not even sure. I remember discovering about the lands of Africa while I had snuck into my older sisters bedroom when I was younger and it was then that Africa was planted in my heart. I love the way Elephants can survive in the heat. Their skin is tough, old and resiliant. They are slow moving, but quick when the need to be, they bath themselves even though they only have a tube off their face and massive feet. They like mud, and they stick to their families. How many more reasons do you need??

I also LOVE giraffes. And lions. But we will save that for another post :)

Here are some of my favourite Ellies off Etsy...

Okay, Okay, so they are baby things so far (so shoot me, babys are gorgeous and so is everything to do with them!)

Elephants are also cool for grown ups too... Like this Iphone cover...


In other news, while you're out purchasing these Etsy items for me, I am patiently awaiting my husbands arrival home from music practice! We are going to have a date on the lounge floor! I am very excited, In my opinon we spent very little quality time on each other, so I am looking forward to reconnecting with the one I love <3

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