Saturday, October 9, 2010

Introducing: The Written Word Readers Challenge

I love the bible as much as the next guy, but I also struggle with reading it daily (even though I really want to). Some times I go through seasons of carrying it with me and reading / being inspired every spare minute I get, other times I have had seasons of relying on it daily for wisdom, understanding and survival. Other times (like now) I know how good it is but struggle to pick it up.

To make myself accountable, and to inspire you, I have created this challenge: Written Word Challenge!

The guidelines:

  • Email a new post every weekday for 30 days 
  • Posts must be off an original piece of scripture *no repeats*
  • Scripture can be anything you choose, whether a single verse, a paragraph, or a whole chapter
  • Posts can relate to the chapter in different ways - whether breaking it down and studying it, summarising, drawing inspiration, turning it into practice, poetry etc.
  • All posts must be theologically correct and inline with a Christian Biblical understanding and of the writers original intention for the piece
  • Post must be no longer than 100 words

    (you can view an example by clicking here, but you are not limited to this)

What do you get out of this:
  • Whenever you submit a post it will be included in the 9am Written Word post on my blog, where it will be viewed by my average readership of 100 people per day (and constantly rising).
  • Your name, age and email address will be viewable to my readers so they may have a conversation with you about the piece if they wish to engage in it more fully (with your permission of course)
  • You will be challenged to read your bible
  • You will be challenged to think about the scripture, muse over it, then turn that into something
  • Accountability and email reminders if you have missed more than 2 days
I hope you will consider going on this journey with me! Please email to register and to receive my follow up email for guidelines on displaying on my blog. Posts will start on Monday 11th October, you can register any time (but the earlier the better). Anyone can register (including internationals)

Have fun!!

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