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I share my blog publicly with a lot of people who I know in regular day to day life. They often ask me questions about my blog and my life so I thought I would compose a Frequently Asked Questions post to satisfy those who aren't so brave to ask me :)

Why the name Sophie Slim?
My initials are SLM (Sophie Laughton-Mutu). Before I was getting married my sister and I joked about names we could make with my new initials. We came up with Slim, Psalm, Slam. I thought Sophie Slim had a nice ring to it. It has absolutely nothing to do with my figure.

Why "Pretty Young Thing"?
My previous blog was called Pretty Young Thing. I love Michael Jackson and I thought they were great lyrics from a catchy song. I would love to stay young and youthful. I like the idea of being a pretty young thing :)

Do you mind me reading you blog?
I have always had an online blog. Previously it had always been private or just shared with a few select friends. This past year I have made it public. I am aware that people read it and I even advertise it on my facebook, so I expect people to read it. Some posts are more personal than others, but I post nothing that I dont mind people knowing about me. There are still many things that I don't blog about because I consider them too personal. By the time the words reach your computer they have been through my personal screening to make sure they are public appropriate.

Do you mind me asking about things on your blog in person?
Not at all, infact I usually get taken aback when people mention my blog in person. I forget that people read it and take an interest. I am always surprised by who reads it. The most unlikely people do! While some of my content is quite standard occasionally I'll have a deep and meaningful or encouragement post and I love it when people bring this up with me or want to talk more about it. I especially encountered this last year with my 30 days to live experiment. Many many people wished to talk to me about what I learned in the process and to also discuss their feelings on death and living life. I learn so much from other peoples views too.

Do you and Graeme have a perfect marriage?
I love Graeme with all my heart but keep in mind that I am a sinner, and so is he. Some times we hurt each other which makes for a less than perfect marriage. I am a hopeless romantic who likes to have hope in all situations but that does not mean I don't live in reality. The reality that every marriage takes a heck of a lot of work. Any successful (loving) older couple that you meet has had a whole range of challenges and I say good on them for persevering and loving in all situations! Graeme and I take each day as a new one and are constantly having to forgive each other and express our love in new and creative ways. Its a beautiful thing, really.

What do you do all day?
Right now I'm a lady of leisure, despite my desire to be. The truth is, I would love to be working. I wasn't able to get a job when I finished studying last year, then had terrible "morning" sickness which kept me in bed most days, and in a few months I will have a sweet little girl requiring all my attention. In the mean time, my morning sickness has eased (a little. Some days are still terrible) so I am able to get out and do a few things. Most days I go for a walk, I do wifey things like cook and washing and things, and the rest of the time I try and create. I knit, crochet, write letters, paint, blog, pray and read. Other days I try and visit non working friends too, or have coffee with beautiful girls from Church. Its a great life really, and I am super lucky that I am able to do it right now and my husband supports us both. I try and thank him for working most days because I am unable to. Some days I get very bored and house bound and those aren't very good days. The truth is I would love to be working, and I miss my old job at the beauty clinic. I would love to learn more about the industry and re-enter it at some point.

How long have you been Christian?
I think it has been 5 years now. It may seem hard to believe but I used to be a very very different person. I was angry, full of hurt and angst and didn't have any hope in the world. I got to a point where I was at the end of myself and had nothing left to live for. God literally saved my life and gave me a reason to live. That day I saw many miracles and put my hope in God. I still think back to those moments and thank God for all he has done in my life since then. I am a completely different person and because of all that God has done in my life I find it easy to have hope and faith in Him, He has proven that he is a much better Saviour than anything else I tried.

As I think of more questions that people ask me I will put them up. Please let me know if you have any more that I haven't included!

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