Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dear Baby, Week 24 Update

Current weight: 67kgs (up 1.3 kgs since last week)

Total weight gained: 2 kgs (original weight: 65 kgs)

Babys growth this week: Average length from head to heel is 30cm, but I have an inkling she might be a little bit longer based on her parents genes ;) 680 gms and is forming footprints and fingerprints. She'd probably be the worlds sneakiest robber right now. 

Times I have vomited this week: A big. fat. ZERO! HALLELUJAH!! Seriously. This is big news. Gone are the days of vomiting 5 times a day. It reaaaaally makes a difference to my energy, my emotions and general life now that I'm keeping all my food down. I hope it stays this way!! :D

Thoughts this week: I seesaw between thinking this pregnancy is taking forever and also thinking its flying by. Last night I realised that it's only another 3.5 months away, and when you say it like that it doesn't sound like much, but when I see my friends Dawn and Holly who are due shortly I realise how long I've got to go. I have been exceptionally emotional this week, crying at the drop of a hat and for no apparent reason some times. I am becoming much more sensitive to foods, mostly caffeine and sugar so I am trying to cut back and limit my intake. I got the mad shakes and anxiety from my only coffee I had this week, and a few lollies gives me a headache and some hot cold flushes. 

The moral of the story is, my body really isn't mine at all. Ever since November it's had a life of its own and will do what it damn well pleases thank you very much. Because of this, I decided to celebrate Mothers Day this year and happily put my hand up at church to receive my gift (thank you C3!). Graeme waited till 11pm to wish me happy mothers day and I got raspberry liquorice out of it (that man knows the way to my heart). 

I used to think that being pregnant involved having a bigger tummy, wearing some bigger clothes and generally looking radiant. Today while walking the length of the mall I had to sit down 3 times to catch my breath. It was in those moments that I realised I know have full sympathy for all woman everywhere who have been through this - Especially working preggos and mothers. I really dont know how you do it. 

It's been a big week in Preggo land besides those emotional thoughts - Practically I met with my midwife again and she confirmed that I had my first Braxton Hicks contraction this week and she also tested my pee (lovely), and everything is spot on a-okay! 

(Taken last week, 23 weeks)

Dearest Baby Girl,

I cannot wait to meet you. Everyday closer to your due date I become increasingly more anxious and increasingly more confident. Thank you in advance for making me a better woman and wife and worldly citizen. You have already changed our lives so much.

This week your Papa made you a Twitter account so we can record our thoughts and your momentous occasions on it. He sent you your first Tweet (haha, will you even know what that means in years to come?) and when I read it I burst out in tears. You have changed him too, he adores you already. 

At the weekend we celebrated your impending arrival with some close and lovely ladies from church. They were so generous and gave you so many gorgeous outfits to wear and lovely artwork that we will put up in your room. Know that you will be taken care of, not just by us but by our amazing community of friends and loved ones. 

Stay safe little one,
Mum xxx

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