Friday, May 27, 2011

Ripple Blankey

Lately I have been super busy knitting these scarves for orders from Stitch Africa. They are quick and easy to do but are crazy repetitive. I'm pretty glad I only have 2 more scarves to finish (unless I get anymore orders! Let me know if you want one :) )

While I'm on a roll I've been attempting a few other (failed) projects. I tried to knit socks on double pointed needles with proper sock yarn. This was a mega fail. I got pretty used to the needles but I'm quite certain the pattern was just a dud. Anyway, I gave up right at the end of the first sock which took almost 2 weeks to complete. Sometimes projects just dont work out and I'm okay with that. I unravelled it and maybe in the future when I find a better pattern and work up the courage again I'll re-try.

I also bought some nice merino wool to make my beloved some of his own handmade gloves, however, today while I was in farmers they had a sale on so I bought him some machine made gloves for only $4. That's a bit sad isn't it? I love handmade, but seriously, $4?

I happened to have the new merino in my handbag so this afternoon I took it back to Spotlight and replaced it with all this (cheap but pretty toned) acrylic yarn! That's one of the great things about acrylic - it's cheap and comes in soooo many colours. However, you can never beat real good quality wool. Just so you know.

What am I going to do with all of that pretty coloured yarn I hear you asking? Well, duh, I'm going to make a Ripple Blanket. I've been practicing my Ripples... See...?

Now i'm sitting in a carpark for the next few hours and I've only got Ripples on the agenda. I found the best and easiest pattern here and its going to be the biggest project I've ever attempted but I'm super excited. As long as I stay excited (hopefully all the different colours will help) I think I could actually finish it! It's crochet cool?? Big ups to Holly for showing me the ropes. I got the colours to suit our MiniMoo, but I'm not sure if she'll ever get to use it. Her Nana has made her a DELICIOUS green blanket, among many others she's been given, so I might just keep this one for myself ;)

While you're checking out the easy peasy pattern and considering doing it yourself you should check out the rest of the things on her blog. Aren't they all lovely and skilled??

Okay, enough rambling - if you don't hear from me for a while it's because I'm making scarves or Ripplin'

Everyday I'm rippilin'


  1. Soooo cool! My Grandma (soon to be Great Grandma for the second time) made a huge ripple blanket for our bub! I was soo stoked to read this and see you're into it too. Cooooool! You are a knitting/crocheting human machine! PS check out Dawn's new nappy-bag-a-la-hollymayb :)

  2. COOL!!! What colours are you ripple? YAY! Can't wait to see the bag debut! :D You so skilled! x

  3. Oh your scarf is so pretty! I cannot knit, well, never tried but don't want to spread myself too thin with sewing and all. ;)
    Handmade blankets for bubs are just so precious. xo

  4. Thank you Jacinta! Knitting is super easy and anyone can do it - so long as you can watch a youtube clip ;)

    I still have a crochet blanket from when I was a bub that she'll have, but hopefully she will want to pass this one along to her baby one day!

    How strange to think that far in the future!!

  5. Hi I have tried to email you about a bloggy get together but your email keeps bouncing back flick me an email and I'll fill you in on all the details!

  6. Hey Miriam - I cant get onto your page for some reason! Whats your blog addy / email? did you try or ? Both work and go to the same place :)


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