Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Home

This afternoon we go and view 3 more houses for rent for our little [but expanding] family.

I am so thankful to the Mutus for having us stay for the last 4 months, it has really helped us out a lot while our finances and futures seemed uncertain and gave us a reprieve to get everything in order. Now things are coming together we are looking for our own place.

I can't wait to have our massive sofa to sit on, or our red spotted mugs that are the perfect drinking size. I am looking forward to having my dresser back so I can display all of my pretty scarves and necklaces again, or to have our winter clothes out of storage. I can't wait for Graeme to finish work and come home to his own home where he can rest and zonk. I can't wait to vaccum and clean my own shower, and have pretty flowers in the toilet and on the dining table. We can have people over when ever we like, they can make a mess, and I can clean it up, knowing we all had a great time.  I can't wait to have regular connect groups, and stop inviting myself over to other peoples homes. I can't wait to have space for our life.

Hopefully these houses tonight will prove to be just what we are after. If you're of the praying type, would you join us in our mission to find *our* home. We would really appreciate that.

Hopefully we'll be hosting you for a home warming soon! :D


  1. Can't wait to hang at your new place! I know for sure there is something perfect for you out there :D
    P.s You are ALWAYS welcome at our place to make a mess xx

  2. Goodluck with the house hunting Soph! It'll be out there, just have to wait and see. Will pray to St Joseph to help find your house. xo

  3. Sent a prayer for you! Can't wait to come chill at ur place soon. We can make waffles again! :) And watch Glee hehe. xo

  4. Thank you lovely ladies! The homes went well - We have a favourite, but want to view one more property later on in the week before we make a decision :)


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