Friday, May 6, 2011


I know its a week late, but thats seriously how long it takes for me to get around to uploading photos since I am still *borrowing* a camera (I'm so sorry Judie, I will return it asap!!!)

Last week, Prince William (*swoon*) and Kate Middleton were wed, 11pm NZ time.

A small gathering of royalists converged at a friends home, where we hosted them with tea out of fancy cups, scones, crumpets and slices. It was divine!

Do you know what the coolest part was? The guys who came all got dressed up too! They wore shirts, and had their hair all slicked to the side, one was even wearing a top hat and cane! I squealed with excitement when I walked through the door!!

The wedding was FABULOUS. I loved it so much. It was so much fun to all be gathered together for something positive and celebratory. Lately, it seems like we have just been gathering in unfortunate circumstances. It was so. heartwarmingly. nice. to have something good to share in.

Prince William was dashing, Kate was just gorgeous. She looked like a real lady, or a real princess :)

 These photos were so sneaky... Is Rachel wearing an eye patch in this one??

Thanks to the friends who came!

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