Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Guilty Blogger

Most of the time I avoid blogging. I see so many amazing blogs and have ones that are inspiring and informative that I read every single day. Then when it comes to my space, I avoid posting because I lack photos. I know, its silly right? I have a decent digital camera, but its chords and charger are somewhere in the depths of our storage (hubby and I currently are living with our parents while all of our belongings are in a massive pile in a garage somewhere).

When we went to Australia nearly 2 months ago I borrowed a camera off a beautiful girl from our church (and still haven't returned it! Eeeee!!) Anyway, i'm still using the camera occasionally and taking photos - but I don't have the chord for it so need to use my brother in laws laptop to transfer photos.

Basically, its all a bit too much for me. Therefore, I put off posts for weeks at a time while I gear up the motivation to borrow his laptop for a few moments it would take me to transfer my photos.

Silly, right?

I have lots I want to blog about, including the baby shower that was thrown at the weekend, braxton hicks, a baby update, a knitting update, Graemes birthday, Mothers day and more.

Blogging Rules 101 tell me not to post without *great* photos, however as I currently have no photos I'm going to ignore this rule for the time being. Please please forgive me in due time.

We are a small step closer to moving into our own home soon, please continue to pray for us, and when that happens my camera will be recovered! :)

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