Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear Baby, Week 25 Update

Current weight: 67kgs (no change since last week)

Total weight gained: 2 kgs (original weight: 65 kgs)

Babys growth this week: This week she weighs approximately 700gms and is the length of a watermelon! A whole watermelon! Inside my belly! Whoa-nelly! They say that from 25 weeks onwards if she was to be born now she would have a pretty fighting chanced at surviving with some good doctors and machines.

Times I have vomited this week: 4

Baxton Hicks Contactions this week: 0

Thoughts this week: Space is getting a little tight inside and I can feel her squirming and rolling around. Sometimes its quite uncomfortable and I have to stop what I am doing and wait for her to get settled. That just reminds me how much she has and is growing. Life is such a mind blowing miracle. She must also be growing tonnes this week because I have noticed a definite lessening in movement. Not a bad lessening... More like she's spending more time sleeping, which is probably a good thing because it seemed like she never stopped punching and kicking!

[professional Mini Moo Listening Device]

Dear Baby Girl,

You are such a mystery to me. This week your Papa tried to hear your heart beat through a toilet tube (a book told us that it would work) but it didn't work. He said he could hear lots of things, but none of them obviously you. I'm keeping the "listening device" for the future when you get bigger, maybe we'll be able to hear you then. (Don't worry, in 2011 we do have technology to listen properly... This was just something fun we did one night to entertain ourselves)

I love finding out more about you. Slowly, God is revealing more to me. When I was a teenager I always knew I would be married by 20 (even though I had no boyfriend and wasn't really interested in them either) and I knew I would have started our family by the time I was 23 (even though I knew nothing about children and had no maternal instincts). I don't know why I thought that, but when I married your father when I was 20 I knew that we would be starting our family shortly. Plans were made and it seemed like we wouldn't be starting our family for another few years. As I prayed about this I realised that there were other ways I could "have children". I was going to go to Africa and expected to fall in love over there, I expected to home a young primal girl who had no family... I was open to the possibilities of what "having children" meant. Then, [a good] surprise, you came along. You will be here just intime to celebrate my 23rd birthday and I couldn't be more thrilled. I thank God for the seeds he planted in my heart 6 or 7 years ago before I even knew Him, or your Papa, or you. 

I tell you this journey not to make you feel like you weren't planned... It is such a blessing to know that you were planned, so many years ago, since the beginning of time by your Creator. I trust and believe with all of my heart that you are a gift from God, and I will look after you on behalf of Him who sent you just as He will look after you too.

Be blessed little one. 
Love, Mama.

Dearest Father in Heaven,
Today amongst others I am so thankful for your devine power. Thank you for your plan that you have had for so many years and thank you that I am apart of it. I feel so blessed and honoured that you would choose ME, of all people, to carry your daughter into this world. Please help Graeme and I in everything we do for your little one because for the most part we have no idea what we are doing :)
Thank you,

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  1. Hi

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know!

    I hope the Secrets series didn't frighten you - it's not all bad I promise!

    I had to laugh picture your hubby listening to your bump with a loo roll!

    Looking forward to seeing your journey in motherhood.

    Best Wishes!


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