Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tripple Mummys Baby Shower

Okay so i'm over a week late with this post, but last weekend the lovely girls from our Church treated myself and 2 other expectant Mums to a fun baby shower! The last time we had a babyshower during present time I may have said "Thats so cute my womb is crying out"... Turns out it cried pretty hard and days later I conceived the beloved MiniMoo

The ladies spoilt us - We had delicious food, fun games, and one of our good friends even flew down for the weekend! Stoked that Church friendships are actual friendships.

Anyway, [hi Celeste] the Mums played a game where we had to feed our "babies" instant dessert blindfolded. My Baby was very well trained and fed great, I won a rubber duckie as a prize! :)

Everyone was all super generous as well and presented us each with a whole hamper full of baby goodies! Mini Moo got beautiful blankets, dresses, rufflebumpants, art work and lots of other goodies! She's so spoilt.

[Holly explaining how to use her handmade baby slings she had made for us (!!!)]

It was a great time and I felt so blessed by it, thank you to everyone who came (or sent blessings and gifts from afar), I am so pleased that I am a part of an awesome community of strong, fun women. Thank you!

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