Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Baby, Week 26 Update

Current weight: 67kgs (no change since last week)

Total weight gained: 2 kgs (original weight: 65 kgs)

Babys growth this week: Our little one is just under a Kg and is slightly longer than the long side of an A4 piece of paper. I can't believe she is squished up in my little belly like that! She has been able to sense light for a while now and will often wake or become active when light is on my belly. Her eyes aren't fused shut anymore and she can open them and is learning to blink. She is so responsive and her brain is working over time. She will respond to a touch or belly rub, to light, to my voice or Graeme's.

Times I have vomited this week: 3 (One out the window. Pretty proud of that)

Baxton Hicks Contactions this week: 1

Thoughts this week: This week has flown and we are officially in our third trimester! We are on the countdown! Some days I love being pregnant, other days its the worst. My emotions are all over the place and I can go from being ecstatic to tears in moments. Sometimes Graeme gets home from work and I just cry and cry for no particular reason. 

In other news, whenever I lay down I have been getting a very sore right ankle. My first thought was fluid retention but it's not swollen however it feels like it is. It feels like its tight and bruised, but its not. The pain goes away when I stand up and only ever comes on when I am horizontal. Any thoughts on what this might be?

This week Nanny Mutu surprised us with a whole bag of deliciously cute clothes for MiniMoo, her first Granddaughter. Everything was super sweet and I took a few photobooth photos of my favourites - Its true, they all happen to be pink and purple in these photos, but I assure you MiniMoo will be wearing other colours as well! Infact, she loves all colours except baby blue ;) But seriously, aren't these items super cute? I LOVE the boots, and even cried over them afterwards, the matching top and leggings is so sweet and the pink tracksuit top reminds me of j-lo! So many people have been giving us such generous gifts! Thank you!

Graeme and I also bought lots of reusable nappies this week in a great online deal. Hopefully they are great nappies! They seem just as good as other "Baby First" reusables that I have bought. 


Time is flying and you are growing so quickly. Before I know if you will be in our arms and learning too quickly for us to keep up. Somedays I wish time would slow down, others I wish it would speed up. I'm learning patience and the ability to enjoy this moment. 
At night time before bed when you are squirming around I pull my top up so the light hits my belly for you to see and I just watch you move around. Last night you were pushing so hard I thought you were going to break through my skin and then I saw something pointy roll right underneath my belly button - I gasped! It shocked me so much! I dont know if it was an elbow, a bum, a foot or what, but it made me realise how little room you must have in there now. You are growing so so quickly! 

When I consider who you are going to be I keep thinking you will either be one or the other - like your Dad or like me in certain areas. Will you be funny like your Dad or lame like me? Will you be good at brainy things like your Dad or good at creative things like me? Will you have a hard nose like your Dad or a pudgy nose like me? Will you hate reading like your Dad or love reading like me? Then I realised you are your completely own person. You inherit genes from us but to what degree I'm not sure. I'm so excited to meet a whole new version of Laughton-Mutu Hawes that's never been seen before. You are unique.

Love, Mama.


  1. Wooo! I can't believe you're on the 'home stretch' and am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on motherhood. The clothes are so cute, it's so fun to see what stuff they have for the girls (which are tons!) ... no suggestions for your ankle, never had anything like that.
    And if you're having a girl, she'll look just like her daddy... if you're lucky you might get one child that might look like you... ;) hehe

  2. How have you only gained 2 kgs?! I've gained 6. ;)

    Can you see your belly move and dance when the baby shifts around? Eeee!! I can't wait to compare bumps in a few weeks!!! xoxoxoox

  3. Nevermind, re: seeing your belly move. I should finish reading blog posts before I comment. It's a terrible habit of mine.. I JUST GET EXCITED! OKAY!? ;)


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