Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Braxton

On Sunday Mini-Moo treated her mother to her very first contraction! What a happy Mothers Day for me!

As we were driving to Church in the morning, I was scoffing a sandwich and suddenly felt nauseous from morning sickness, I sneezed, and then my whole pregnant belly pulled in tightly for 2 blocks of car ride. During it I couldn't say much, it wasn't that it hurt, in fact it didn't at all, but it was such a strange sensation having everything tighten. All I could do was hold my belly and stare at it in disbelief while Graeme asked me what was wrong. As soon as it was over I said "I think I just had a Braxton Hicks contraction" to which he replied "That's normal right?"... Sure it is.

Infact, pregnant woman could experience Braxtons any time from 20 weeks onwards (I'm now 23) right up until birth or not at all.

I met with my midwife at our scheduled appointment the next day and asked her what had happened and she confirmed that it was my first contraction! Although quite different from a labour contraction, where it pulls in from the top of the womb and travels downwards (and obviously comes with pain).

Its nice to experience something new in an odd sort of way, it reminds me that things are evolving. Often people ask me how MiniMoo is doing and most of the time I shrug and said "good I think" because really, I have no way of knowing.

Pregnancy really is rather boring for the most part.

If you have been pregnant before, did you ever experience Braxton Hicks Contractions? If so, when did you get your first and how often? Leave me a comment!

[Graeme and I are tucked up in bed. I read in a book tonight that you might be able to hear the babies heartbeat through a cardboard tube - so I have a roll of toilet paper and we're going to try it out since Graeme hasn't heard it yet! :)]


  1. Wow!!! So cool to have felt your first Braxton Hicks. Love the title "My Braxton" :)

    I'm now 33 weeks pg and I still don't think I've felt one... Sometimes my whole belly feels hard, but it's not usual for that - and it's not fully noticable until I start poking and proding my belly and realise it's kind-of hard mostly all over. So I'm pretty sure I haven't had them yet. Weird!

  2. Hey Holly! It was quite a weird and different experience and I don't think I can explain it any better than what I have done - But I definitely felt a very clear moment of it tightening, holding and then finally releasing. All my muscles pulled into the center of my stomach. Strange!

    Pregnancy is so odd. Our bodies have a whole new mind of their own now!


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